Reviewing what Madden 21 Ultimate Team Zero Chill brings to players

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Since the development of Madden 21, the game is full of a lot of special activities such as TOTW once a week, TOTY and Series once a year, and various promotional activities. In these activities, what Zero Chill presents to players can be said to be of the highest quality. MUT 21 Coins that the players spent at the time have helped them achieve great success in the game, which is a very worthwhile sale. Because it contains many players, it brings a lot of packaging to the store, and players can also enjoy the fresh fun of some new challenges.

For example, JJ Watt, with a total rating of 95, has become the key card of the Ghosts of Madden Present promotion for the second time. Known for his tough defense, he has proven how successful his career is. He already has one of the more valuable defensive cards in MUT as TOTW 3 cards, but now he has one of the best cards in the entire game. This card has 96 magic weapons, 95 tackles, 94 power, 94 chase, 91 blocks and strike power, which is very good. It has sold for 387,000 coins on Xbox and 398,000 coins on PS.

Alvin Kamara, who also has an overall rating of 95, is now a frequent player in most players’ MUT lineups. He is definitely one of the best HB cards among players right now, and if paired with Madden 21 Coins who is good at blocking, he will dominate. With 97 tackles, 95 agility, 95 acceleration, 94 speed, 94 direction changes, 94 big turns, 90 spins, 90 stiff arms and 90 backpacks, his opponents will need multiple 95 OVR defenders came to stop him.

Although some players said that EA overestimated JJ Watt’s rating some time ago, he is still an extremely good defender in Madden 21. If players can use him with Alvin Kamara, it will definitely produce satisfactory chemical reaction. But this requires players to have a vast reserve of Madden Coins, so they’d better go to GameMS to buy many Cheap MUT 21 Coins with a little money. Come on!

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