New Arrivals Nike Air Force 1 Shell Releasing With Light Purple

New Arrivals Nike Air Force 1 Shell Releasing With Light Purple


There are very few releases of Jordan Delta 2, and the New Drop Jordans often likes the classic trapeze Jordan 1, 4, etc. But here, the runner is finally on the shelves, dressed in bold colors, visually reminiscent of New York’s friendly neighbor Spider-Man. In "Nettou"'s own clothing, white is an accent, but it kicked off the color of the pair of shoes. Everything from the tools to the tongue and leather covering was worn on white. Therefore, the red color dominates because it can brighten the thick bulletproof mesh under the clothes. Embroidery adopts the form of "Jordan" spelling and makeup points, bringing back the aforementioned neutrality, while the popular "Cyber ​​Teal" is chosen for hang tags and other places of hell pull. Of course, the Swoosh Group is often criticized as a "lazy" design, especially in some old Air Jordan advocates, but there has never been a North American institution just satisfied with its honor. In this regard, the LeBron James Innovation Center (LeBron James Innovation Center), located in the center of Nike's world headquarters, was inaugurated. Nike has dozens of names to choose from, because the company has been working with iconic athletes for years to develop products that promote the development of the industry, but "Children from Akron" ultimately defeated his colleagues. There is a lot of talk about LeBron James surrounding the upcoming 2021-22 NBA season in professional sports time, but one thing is for sure: leaving an impactful-enough grievance that has been in the world to remind people to innovate the largest core brand of sportswear.

As Nike Air Force 1 is about to usher in its 40th anniversary milestone, Cadysneaker continues to show that it has no interest in dwelling on past achievements. Although there is an updated variant in the world of AF1, the "Shell" iteration of the model has gained a solid following in the fall and winter. In the latest suit, the nylon "shell" that protects the high-top shoes is light purple, while the entire upper and sole are in white and light blue tones. The lace switch on the heel injected non-standard functions into Air Force One, and the arrangement of the "colorless" midsole and outsole returned to Bruce Kilgore's original design. Kanye West's YEEZY empire does not have decades of history, but with the support of adidas, it has shaken the footwear world in eight years. Throughout West's career, in the eyes of the public, many people have been opposed to him, but because of his claims under the label of YZY, this criticism seems to have reached a new height. However, you continue to prove that he is thinking about the future. Several times, the world has caught up with his vision for the future. YEEZY FOAM RUNNER and the new YZY BSKTBL KNIT 3D show the "DONDA" creators' preference for "different", because these two styles were quickly considered "different" (perhaps more "colorful") .

For the past 30 years, Saucony Shadow 6000 has provided comfortable footwear solutions for runners and pedestrians. At the same time, the Newly Jordans designed some thoughtful and interesting collaborations for sneakers, several of which are food-centric. As its 30th anniversary is coming to an end, the silhouette begins a journey of memories, combining the above styles under the color scheme of "Food War". This pair of new partners mixed "Avocado Toast", "Brave Breakfast" and last year's other maggot-related works, which is undoubtedly bold. The left and right pairs of shoes have distinctive orange and green tones, but in the end their vibrant arrangement of suede, mesh and leather structure is immersed in a mismatched application. From the top down, Saucony’s latest proposal is that the forefoot of the right shoe is dominated by green, while its opponent chose a subtle off-white, so that the cotton candy on the tongue, side and heel and the company-inspired palette are in Play a role in the spotlight. The DNA of Shade 6000 can be seen through the wild color scheme, but the Massachusetts brand decided to redesign the sports shoe packaging and PWRRUN midsole cushioning to commemorate this special project.

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