Nike x Sacai x CLOT will be released on September 14

Nike x Sacai x CLOT will be released on September 14


New Jordan 2020, There is no limit to the world of cooperation now. Footwear has become a proving ground for all kinds of collaborative collisions, whether it is style or name, it is more obvious than Nike x Sacai x CLOT LDWaffle Net Orange Blaze. The latest legend reinterpreted by LDWaffle, LDWaffle Net Orange Blaze will be officially released on September 14.
In the 2020 Cheap Jordans, Sacai's Chitose Abe has undoubtedly won a reputation for herself in footwear design. She has been dominating the spotlight with the collision update of the classic Nike style. Perhaps more quietly, although in a longer period of time, CLOT's Edison Chen also gained fanatical followers because of his views on Nike's staple food. Not surprisingly, when these two designers establish contact with The Swoosh, this shoe will attract considerable attention in the sports shoe industry. Even without an additional name, LDWaffle Net Orange Blaze may cause a sensation. The neutral upper is composed of a suede overlay and a transparent foundation, while red and orange compete for the spotlight on the sole, Swoosh, laces and tongue. It ends with a classic chewing gum sole and a lime green dotted with tongue loops and lace panels. This is one of the most eye-catching colors in recent memory.
Retro Jordan 2021, The summer is almost over, but sacai's collaborative advantages have only just begun. sacai took full advantage of the new Nike LDWaffle collaboration with CLOT and organized a series of touring performances based on the "Hello sacai" series. Entering CLOTsacaiTHEHOME, three pop-up stores are ready to spread the good news of this extensive cooperation, ranging from co-branded clothing to household items , And then to the coveted core product. These spaces will host an event once a week for about a month, providing exclusive cups, doormats, slippers, socks, pillows and T-shirts with the words "sacai / CLOT stuff" written on it, which is a brazen text The game, cites sacai's hybrid Nike s.
jordan shoes 2019, "The concept of CLOTsacaiTHEHOME only represents Chitose and my personal preference for our lifestyle and appearance. Chitose and I do not have the same taste in certain things, but we have a connection to some extent, which is an interesting dynamic ," said CLOT founder Edison. "I think this is how we get along because we attract each other in seemingly unfamiliar ways. Our similarities and qualities, passion and creativity are linear, but in the way we deliver or think, they are never same."

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