What are the best player cards in NBA 2K22?

In the history of the NBA, there have been countless superstars who have excellent abilities and performed very well in NBA 2K.


When it comes to this topic, it’s a little hard to say. Because in the history of the NBA, there have been countless superstars who have excellent abilities and performed very well in NBA 2K. Just pick a few representative ones. Players also know that NBA 2K22 may appear in September this year. These players will continue to write their brilliance in this generation of 2K. If players want to get them, they might as well prepare some cheap NBA 2K22 MT now.

Speaking of small forwards, Rick Barry is definitely a very representative one. The eight-time NBA All-Star is one of the best players in the 70s, with incredible records in scoring and stealing. He became the youngest player to score 57 points in a single game against the Knicks when he was only 21 years old. Unsurprisingly, maybe Barry is one of the best all-around players in MyTeam, all his key figures are in the 80s or higher. He scored 95 points on the outside, 89 points for athleticism, and 87 points on the inside. Therefore, Hall of Famers can do well as NBA 2K22 MT forwards, although for those seeking the best player, there are one or two better options in this regard.

Having averaged an impressive 18.5 points and 7.5 rebounds per game during Antoine Jamison’s 17-year pro career. The former Wizards star’s card based on one of his strongest seasons in which he played 82 times and averaged over 20 points per game. It was also the year in which he and the rest of the US team won a bronze at the World Championships in Japan. While his playmaking stats are a little underwhelming, Jamison excels in just about every other area. It can take more grinding to unlock him, but it’s definitely worth the effort given how strong the player is.

The above two players have shown extremely strong competitiveness in the lineup of some players. And players who want to try them should also take the time to go to GameMS to buy some Cheap NBA 2K22 MT For Sale with high cost performance and fast delivery, which will help them to experience their idol stars at the fastest speed. Looking forward to the release of NBA 2K22!

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