Do you know what items need to be cultivated before Genshin Impact adds Hu Tao?

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Genshin Impact’s closed Beta test server already has this character, so we know what you need to cultivate for Hu Tao’s ascension and talent. What is Hu Tao's upgrade project? According to the recently updated Reddit graphics, upgrading Hu Tao's talents requires "diligence" talent books, nectar-themed items, three crowns of insights, and dirty heritage fragments. At the same time, to upgrade Hu Tao and unlock her level cap, you need to mix Agnidus Agate, Ajuvenile Jade, or Everflame Seeds, depending on the update method, Silk Flowers and Nectar-themed items.

The series includes the doctrine of "diligence", a guide to "diligence" and the philosophy of "diligence". All three can be obtained from the Didi Drops at the Jueyun Karst Terrace Mountain Mansion in Liyue. First, you need to have an adventure level of 26 to access the domain, and you need to visit the building on Tuesday, Friday, or Sunday to secure your whereabouts. For specific numbers, Hu Tao needs 9 "diligence" doctrines, 63 "diligence guidelines" and 114 "diligence" philosophies.

To give full play to all the talents of Genshin Impact, you need a crown of insight. Hu Tao is no exception. Unlike the rest of the list, you cannot get the "Crown of Insight" in a regular game. It is mainly obtained through events such as "Unreconciled Star", "Prince of Chalk" and "Dragon", all of which reward a crown of insight. You can also get one by upgrading the Frost Tree in Dragonspine to level 11.

Hu Tao needs the shadow of 18 warriors to give full play to his talents. Talents start to Buy Genshin Impact Account need this skill at level 6. When set to level 70 or higher, you can obtain the shadow of the warrior by defeating Tattaglia in the Killing Domain of the Golden House. After completing Chapter 1, Chapter 3: "The Way of New Stars", this field is available. You can challenge the domain once a week and reset it at 4 AM Eastern Time on Monday.

Hu Tao needs Whopperflower nectar, shimmer nectar and energy nectar to improve his character. Nectar is indispensable for improving the level of talents and the upper limit of the level. Kill Whopperflowers to find all three items. Whopperflower Nectar will be dropped by any killed slime; flickering nectar will be dropped to level 40 or higher by Whopperflowers; thorn flowers above level 60 will drop energy nectar.

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