Latest Nike Adapt BB 2.0 “Oreo” For Sale BQ5397-101

Latest Nike Adapt BB 2.0 “Oreo” For Sale BQ5397-101


Fans and friends who like New Jordan 2020 know that the technology on basketball shoes is constantly advancing over time. For example, Adidas’s classic Boost cushioning technology and Nike’s classic Zoom Air cushions all just represent These two sports brand giants are at the same level in the timed period. In the past two years, major sports brands have gradually begun to use automatic lacing technology, and Nike has also launched the new Nike Adapt BB 2.0.
Recently, the Latest Nike Adapt BB 2.0 Oreo color scheme, which has been exposed for a long time on the Internet, has finally been officially announced and has been enthusiastically praised by many fans and friends, and this pair of white cement colors is one of them.This brand new Nike Adapt BB 2.0 "White Cement" color upper part, a large area of ​​white as the basic color of this pair of sneakers, on the front of this pair of sneakers, design a huge black Nike Swoosh Logo , Very attractive. In the midfoot part of this pair of sneakers, Nike has made a regional splash ink design. The whole pair of sneakers gives people the feeling of quite high value, and there is also a feeling of Oreo color matching.
The biggest selling point of this pair of Nike Adapt BB 2.0 Black Air Mag color matching is undoubtedly the Nike FitAdapt technology on this pair of sneakers, which also represents Nike's exploration of automatic lace technology. Through the two buttons located in the midfoot part of the sneaker, the tightness of the entire pair of sneakers can be adjusted with one button, and this function can also be implemented on the APP, which is very convenient.
In this pair of NBA 2K20 Nike Adapt BB 2.0 GE Winner’s Circle color matching shoelace system part, Nike has also made certain upgrades: the original product Nike Adapt BB has been removed from the Flyknit material wrapping layer on the tongue part, thereby enhancing this pair of sneakers The ease of putting on and taking off and wearing comfort.
Compared with the full palm Cushlon foam material solution used in the midsole of the original Nike Adapt BB, the midsole of this pair of NikeAdapt BB 2.0 "white cement" color matching has also undergone a major upgrade: in the forefoot of the sneaker Part of the Zoom Air Turbo air cushion module is added, which can effectively improve the startup feedback speed of this pair of sneakers in actual combat.

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