I'll also bring the Ectophial in case I need to run for my life

I'll also bring the Ectophial in case I need to run for my life


I've been delaying going after Tarn ever since I got my own salve amulet, but that my slayer job is terror dogs im thinking its now or never to go to The Lair of RS gold Tarn Razorlor. (I did find a guide but there was no map). I intend to melee both dogs and Tarn, here are my abilities and my arm (hints and guidance more than welcome)

I'll also bring the Ectophial in case I need to run for my life. As well as the 100 gp required to access bank. I'm thinking I probably need anti poison (am I correct )... Should I bring pray pots? I made him in 04 and performed for a week and then got him to level 30. Then schools started and forgot all about my character and Rs.I went on a three year-old Hiatus,Then back in the november of 07, I began Playing and increased my character to my current level.Won't SOMEONE figure this out for me? Again, I am searching for the NUMBER of individual places (3 spots to construct seats, 1 place to construct a curtain, 1 table, two benches, 3 decorations, etc.). Since I'm not a part, I can't find out, but I need to plan on BECOMING a member and wish to understand how many of every raw material to gather. Since no one has a guide that detailed, I can not figure out the info. Either my information is incorrect or the manual is faulty. In any event, I'd like help determining the cheapest and most effective way to attain levels in construction, without tearing down and building the same item again and again and over.

So hey guys I was thinking of becoming a mem shortly after my b-day march 16. So I am trying to lvl my cb stat upward as large as possible before getting mem. So I was wondering how high I should get my stats for a great combater if mem. I was thinking of buying a whip then getting a rune defender at the warriors guild. So my real question is what if get my stats into to use the whip/defender for great killing. I see ppl that have whips that just hit such as 10s but I would like to strike like the ppl from the 20s.

I currently train in the giant spiders in sos. I get about 25k exp a hour but that's for f2p. And I have never been a part so you could also suggest a monster to train when a mem for quick exp that will be nice ty for you personally! Additionally when I become a mem I shall put a post and anyone who wants to perform castle wars or some other combat related mini-game can contact me when I put that post so look for that in the future. I am also getting enough stuff to get to like 75 fletching so in the event that you want to fletch with me member put that on my post once I say I am a mem! Ty again!

Hi, I need some help regarding my accounts, here are the stuff I want help with... 1 ). Trainin. 2. Skillcapes. 1. The problem I hae here is I would like to produce a"Hp Pure" I know you will find seval ways to do so but im not sure what way will get me the lowest cb lvl, I understand that becoming 99 att or str using 1 att or str will get me 88hp, and now pcing is dead rather I had been thinking to do the following... Get 74str and 52hp I think to be able to get 40cb, with the 40cb I will pc around 24k+ points to be able to buy rs gold paypal get 99hp, which must also get me around 99str if not allready 99str:] Any ideas... I was maximum hp with least cb lol.

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