He idea is to convey credibility and they're talking from experience

He idea is to convey credibility and they're talking from experience


However, Animal Crossing has an expectation: You flip it on and interact with it maybe 30 - 90 minutes a day, and do that for months. The games are made to be played in short bursts daily for quite a very long moment. So if someone is Animal Crossing Bells giving it up a month, month and a half in, it failed in exactly what it was supposed to do, at least to get that person.

He idea is to convey credibility and they're talking from experience instead of blindly hating about the game.

Individuals are putting 500 hours to New Horizons. Maybe you aren't because that's not the type of game you wish to playwith. The individual who said 50 hours is proposing for varied content that has never been in an Animal Crossing game. So it is clear to me that the Reason he/she Cannot get 500 hours out of the game is since Animal isn't the Type of game which can drive them to perform 500 hours anymore

The issue with New Horizons lies in its own HEAVY realiance on intrinsic motivation whereas elderly names also gave you plenty of shit to do outside of"be creative and create your island quite". Every AC match prior had more stuff to do and work towards in addition to experience, so there was no reason to not expect the identical standard determined by the previous games. So I think that it's kinda clear that individuals that arrived from New Leaf expected that as a sort of baseline concerning content. When they realized that you can build 3 buildings and update them once vs. a whole shopping place with 12 shops and the shop having multiple helpful upgrades. I believe, again, it's clear to be disappointed even if having played 50 hours. If Nintendo had conveyed that the game would radically lack content which even the gamecube AC had I do not believe the"backlash" would've been as big as it is.

What backlash? I frankly can not understand one if word of mouth keep making this game selling weeks after it published.

Wouldn't something like this make the cheap Animal Crossing New Horizons Items contrary, with all the game slowing down a lot instead?

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