7 Sales Tactics You Must Know To Be Successful In Sales

Selling a product/service is not an easy job to do. Particularly for startups, they are having hard times filling the sales agent position. But if a sales agent has learned some tactics then they will succeed in this field. Here are some important


1. Understand the audience

To be a successful sales agent, you must know to whom you are selling the product/service. If you are trying to sell a product to an irrelevant audience, it will end up in failure. 

So before beginning your sales process, take some time to understand the audience like what they are expecting and to whom you can sell the product which is the important sales tactics to be followed by every sales agent. Good sales agents won’t sell a product to the regular audience they sell it to the targeted audience. So selecting a target audience needs time. Take enough time and put some effort to find out the right audience. Because if you don’t understand the right audience, the conversion rates will be low. 

2. Learn to listen

Listening to customers is one of the effective sale tactics to succeed in the sales process. Customers are knowledgable as they get a lot of information from the internet. The sales professionals should answer the questions asked by the clients. A salesperson can answer these questions by listening to the clients. This will also make them feel respectful throughout the sales process.  

Always try to use polite and positive terms while discussing other people or companies. Because speaking negatively about the competitor is never a good sales tactic.

3. Referrals

Referrals are a great way to achieve sales target and business growth. Mostly you’ll get new referrals from the existing customers, so always try to be in contact with them after the completion of the sales process. Nearly 91 percent of customers provide referrals to the sales agents they like. But before asking the clients about referrals provide good customer service and develop a positive relationship with them. After assuring that they are happy with your service, approach them for referrals because timing is the most important factor to be considered while asking for referrals. 

Based on a survey, only 11 percent of sales agents are asking their customers for referrals which is not a good thing to do. Because customers want to share good customer service to the people they know. But as a sales agent, you must also learn to find the right situation to ask the customer about the referrals, so every company should teach their sales agent about these sales tactics. 

4. After the sales process

Once the sales have been completed try to be in touch with the client as they will be a greater source for your new sales process. This will give the new client trust over your product and the firm. Occasionally contacting the old clients will surely make them believe that they are cared and respected by the firm. Always try to find a way to keep in touch with the clients even after the deal is made. This is one of the sales tactics which makes the clients have faith and attraction towards the firm.

5. Be honest if it doesn’t help you

Research says that only three percent of people trust the salespersons. Because people on the other side knows that the sales agents are not unbiased. Being honest is only one way to overcome this mentality of the clients. This approach will never help you in any situation but it will make the clients believe in you. This is also a way of telling the clients that you are concerned about their benefits more than yours. 

For example, if you are speaking with a client, instead of making them sign the deal on spot, suggest them to have a check about your firm and your competitors. This sale tactic might look crazy but this is a good way to make the clients believe that you are the best and the only honest company among others.

6. Cold Calling

Cold calling is the practice of making as many calls as possible in the belief to strike gold. It is an unsolicited call made to a buyer to introduce them to your business and make them buy the company’s product. This sale tactic usually has a low success rate and the modern-day sales agents accept that the use of cold calling has ended. Instead of this, they are using the technology to find the relevant leads to make the sales. 

7. Don’t call back

This sale tactics is not suitable for every business, but if applied properly it will be the most effective one to achieve more sales. This will give them enough time to decide and let them take the initiative. But before you stop calling them you must assure that some things have been done properly. 

Make sure that the customers have complete information about your company and the product/service you are providing. During the initial conversation with the client, the talk should be around the needs, desires of the client and then explain to them what you are providing to fulfil their needs. Before stop calling them, make sure that they are ready for the next process of the sales because at some point the client might need some follow up to guide them.

Attract your customers instead of pushing them towards you because that won’t usually work. Finally, give some time for the customers to think and make their own decision.

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