NBA 2K MyTeam update details will be released soon

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Update from original version
Information about NBA 2K21 MyTeam will be released soon. It will probably focus on the current version of the mode, and perhaps will also introduce in detail how to integrate with the next-generation game console. As for the model itself, Buy NBA 2K21 MT is used to build your ideal team. Now let us look at some questions about the next generation of MyTeam.

Is the function the same as the current generation?
The current generation of MyTeam has a series of functions suitable for the community of this model. To be honest, many NBA 2K20 MyTeam fans may be satisfied with some upgrades to those features in NBA 2K21. Having said that, the next generation will promote greater and better development. If all models are the same, it may be disappointing for the community of that model.

Will card art be different?
If you notice the conversation about card art, you realize that this is important to the community. Although it is only decorative, it is nice to see the next generation card with cool card design.

Will there be a next-generation dedicated card series?
Because we already know that NBA 2K21 MT For Sale, tokens, MyTeam points, and VC will be shared between console generation series, almost all two versions will have the same series. However, this does not mean that we will not see any next-generation products. This would be another way to distinguish the two versions. After understanding the details of the two-generation version, the answers to these questions will be clear.

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