Madden NFL 21's major new model is backyard football

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Madden NFL's brand new model this year is called "Yard". Recently, MUT 21 and Buy Madden 21 Coins have been hotly discussed by everyone. Everyone is curious about what the yard is. EA finally lifted its veil. This is a tribute to EA Sports for backyard games. EA Sports said it will find the "fast-paced small game" arcade-style titles for football fans on NFL Street and elsewhere.

The courtyard not only provides six-a-side football games, but also includes skill games and rule changes. Players will create an avatar that allows them to enter the progress system for earning XP and rewards, and customize their appearance and equipment in the constantly refreshing "style area". This character is the star of the narrative mode and is called "Yard: Underground" and is now available in the Madden NFL 21 Mobile app.

Once the main game is released, EA is clearly trying to promote interaction through its free Madden NFL Mobile app. The games in The Yard will be run according to the user's internal rules, which allow two passes, and score bonuses for certain types of games. This is a bit reminiscent of EA Sports’ FIFA 20 tried Volta Football, street football/futsal mode. Volta Football's goals are performing well, but this model has little impact on the community, otherwise they will be fascinated by the ultimate football team and the profound professional background of the game.

Last year, "Madden NFL 20" launched "Franchise", which is the narrative preface to the single career model of the series. But the customization of the player is not as touted as The Yard. In 2017, the first chapter of Madden NFL 18's "Longshot" narrative introduced backyard-style mini games, but only in this mode. Longshot ended after the sequel in Madden NFL 19.

Madden NFL executive producer Sean Graddy said in a statement: "We want to create a new way of expression for players and play small side football with an arcade-style experience, which is completely new to Madden. "Players will explore brand new gameplay on mobile devices and consoles, which will make the backyard football that NFL players and fans have loved since childhood become alive. Relax the rules and you can win with an attitude." Madden NFL 21 will Launched on PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One on August 28. The Yard and The Yard: Underground will have shared inventory, progress and Madden 21 Coins.

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