Path of Exile is available on PC

Take a look at the patch notes for an in-depth review of other changes.



Take a look at the patch notes for an in-depth review of other changes. As it is the freshest that the game has felt in a very long time otherwise, enjoy the new year. POE Currency is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Path Of Exile's Blight Expansion Introduces Tower Defense Mechanics

POE orbs   forthcoming Blight expansion, releasing in early September, will probably be incorporating tower defense mechanics into the game. Path of Exile is adding tower defense into their actions RPG with the upcoming Blight expansion. Now, the two have come back together in one game. Path of Exile has gotten a lot of expansions over time, such as Ascendancy, Atlas of both Worlds, and Betrayal. But with all the Blight expansion, this is certainly the first time they have added tower defense into the game's many mechanics.

A mysterious Blight has taken over portions of the property. Its tendrils infect monsters and flip them into demanding yet mindless zombie monsters which will charge down the tendril's path and assault all personalities that stand in their own way. You'll most certainly be standing in their way as you have to eliminate the Blight with a few technology that is literary, but assisting you out will be a series of upgradable towers.


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