Jacob & Co Astronomia Zodiac AT100.40.AC.AB.B Replica watch

Jacob & Co Astronomia Zodiac AT100.40.AC.AB.B Replica watch


Jacob Co. Astronomia Solar Bitcoin

The Bitcoin era has arrived, and replica Jacob and Co. replica Watches has caught up with this monetary trend with a groundbreaking new model. Housed in a robust 44mm black DLC titanium case, the Astronomia Solar Bitcoin is the luxury watchmaker's tribute to the burgeoning world of crypto.

By installing Bitcoin-related functions in vertical and rotating machines, Jacob Co. creates a powerful metaphorical watch.

Jacob Co. features a Jacob-cut diamond, an orange sapphire and a spinning globe symbol. Celebrating the success of the connoisseur Bitcoin investor with his own craft. In addition, the dial features an epic flying tourbillon and a miniature rocket model approaching the moon. All these symbols aim to tell the story of the birth of cryptocurrencies, from abstraction to reality, from exotic currencies to the backbone of the financial system.high quality watches replica

The Astronomia Solar Bitcoin's case is made of DLC-treated titanium (diamond-like carbon), which allows carbon atoms to crystallize on the metal surface, which is then immersed in a hard, anthracite-black compound, just like a diamond. The new model also features tall lugs that mount from the bezel to the back, and their concave shape creates a vertical angle to secure the black alligator strap. This ensures a comfortable fit on the wearer's wrist - an indispensable feature of any Jacob Co. watch, especially one in a larger size like 44mm.

The Jacobs Company created the Astronomia Solar Bitcoin on a modified version of the Astronomia Solar movement. The base plate of the JCAM19 movement is shaped like a microchip and is surrounded by keywords that describe the world of crypto: a "peer-to-peer" system governed by a "blockchain" of which "Bitcoin" is the leading "decentralized digital" currency ”. These inscriptions are engraved on the bezel surrounding the movement. They rotate counterclockwise according to the rhythm of the tourbillon every 11 minutes.high quality watches replica

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