Du Cao's first speech after being fired: the most uncomfortable and disappointing statement

Du Cao's first speech after being fired: the most uncomfortable and disappointing statement


Du Cao, who was fired by Che Lushi four days ago, was fired for the first time on his personal Twitter. He bluntly said that he was very frustrated with the ending, and pointed out that this was the most difficult statement he had ever written. Thomas Tuchel was sacked the next day after the 1-0 loss to Dynamo Zagreb in the Europa League last Tuesday, and the club quickly announced a day later that Braidon's Park Da would take over. . Four days after being fired, the German coach finally made a statement on social media to express his feelings.

"This was one of the most uncomfortable statements I've ever written, and I didn't think I needed to make it for the next few years, but I'm very disappointed to say that my time at Cherus is over. .” The former coach leader wrote this at the beginning.

"This is a club where I feel at home professionally and personally, and I'm very grateful to the staff, players and fans here for making me feel very welcome right from the start," he continued: "Help the ball The pride and joy of winning the Europa League and the World Cup will always be with me. I am honoured to be part of the history of this club and the memories of the past 19 months will always hold a special place in my heart. "

Du Cao did not thank the new boss Paul Heili in his statement, or it was up to the public to guess how he felt about the boss who "surgery" on him only 100 days after taking office. However, according to British media estimates, this accident was fired. He will receive £13m in severance, plus another £2m from other coaching staff members who were also kicked out.

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