A Ma Maniére x Air Jordan 12 DV6989-001 Will Release November 17th

A Ma Maniére x Air Jordan 12 DV6989-001 Will Release November 17th


2020 Cheap Jordans, Last year, the A Ma Maniére x Air Jordan 3, which swiped wildly, was named the "Shoe King of the Year" by many players, making A Ma Maniére, a trendy shop from Atlanta, famous and becoming the "sweet pastry" that shoe circle players pay attention to. The joint AJ1 and AJ2 that came on the stage later maintained extremely high-standard quality, which makes us look forward to the follow-up joint shoes of both parties. Previously, it was announced that this year, there will be two theme shoes, A Ma Maniére x Air Jordan 4 and A Ma Maniére x Air Jordan 12. Following the release of the renderings, one of the actual pairs of AJ12 was first exposed, giving us a sneak peek.
New Jordan Release, Different from the previous joint name, this A Ma Maniére x Air Jordan 12 will launch two color schemes, dark and light, and the dark version will be the first to be exposed. Black nubuck leather is used throughout to outline the AJ12's signature diffused silhouette, while the asymmetrical edges on both sides are shown in dark coffee suede. With wax shoelaces and metallic textured arch Jumpman Logo, it continues the delicate specifications as always. According to current news, this dark version and the light version of the previously exposed renderings will be officially released on November 17 at the end of the year, with an official price of $225.
2022 New Jordan, It has been reported before that adidas will re-enact Kobe's signature boots earlier this year, making Kobe fans look forward to it! The adidas The Kobe 1 debuted in 2000, inspired by the Audi TT sports car, with simple and smooth lines and a sleek midsole, all impressive! Due to Kobe's departure from adidas to sign with Nike, the re-engraved shoes could not be named after Kobe, and were changed to adidas Crazy 1. The last time the white and black color matching was re-engraved can be traced back to 2014. Although many color matching will be released one after another, the OG color matching in the first year is the most impressive. This re-engraved version is roughly the same color as the OG version, reproducing the classic brushed texture of the adidas The Kobe 1. However, the position of the toe cap that simulates the front of the Audi TT does not restore the color separation processing of the OG version, and is only rendered in a uniform gray. The transparent decoration on the heel is similar to the taillights, which is yellow in the first year, and white and transparent in this re-engraved version. For the friends who like the original re-engraving, although the details are slightly changed this time, it is also better to revisit a pair of Kobe's classic boots, which is better than nothing.

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