CT8019-060 Air Jordan 9 “Particle Grey” Releases June 20th

CT8019-060 Air Jordan 9 “Particle Grey” Releases June 20th


2020 Cheap Jordans, As a more "special" pair in the Jordan family, Air Jordan 9 does not have the halo blessing on the feet of the trapeze deity. The popularity has been tepid, but there is no shortage of loyal fans. Recently, the new Air Jordan 9 that was previously exposed has released the latest physical objects. The upper half of the shoe is made of dark gray knitted material, and the toe area is stitched to better fit the bent part. The lower part of the upper is made of gray leather, and the lace hole is also decorated with dark gray fabric, which makes the whole shoe low-key and highlights the details. The "23" embroidery can also be seen on the heel, highlighting the identity of the sneakers. The mid-bottom is still light gray, which can better match the color of the upper, and the black Jumpman Logo on the heel is more detailed. The outsole uses pure white rubber to complete the shoe design.
New Jordan 2020, Among the many Air Jordan shoes, in addition to the most classic first-year color matching, there are also many that are not the first year, but the popular color matching is also very popular. This month, there is a classic Air Jordan 5 "GreenBean" green bean color matching that has been waiting for 16 years to return. As the release is approaching, the official map has been released recently. The upper is mainly light gray, and the shoelace holes and the midsole are darker gray. Although they are all gray, they can create a rich sense of hierarchy, and the visual effect is not monotonous. The details of the midsole shark teeth, lining and Jumpman Logo are all decorated with bright green, which is also the origin of the name of the mung bean color matching. Against the background of the grey main body, it is even more dazzling green. The biggest highlight is that the light gray part of the upper is completely made of 3M reflective material, which is extremely bright in the dark, and it is also a pair of disco artifact.
2022 New Jordan, After the successive re-enactments of LeBron 7 and 8, LeBron 9 finally officially returned at the end of last year. As James's first double championship boots, its status is self-evident. After ushering in the appearance of Staring at the Throne and ASG All-Star color matching, James' ninth-generation signature boots Nike LeBron 9 exposed a new color matching earlier this month. At present, this new pair of LeBron 9 "Regal Pink" has been quietly put on the shelves, and the official picture has also been released. Let's take a look at the appearance! Gradient details are presented based on the fresh "Hunk Powder", and the lining, Swoosh and Air Max air cushions are all in rainbow tones, bringing a rich sense of visual layering. The inner and outer uppers are designed with brown fluff, which has a visual sense of "fluff bear", which also makes these shoes more innovative. The reinforced part of the vamp also has a 3M reflective effect, which is also eye-catching in low light. The mandarin duck two-color insole is paired with a milky white translucent outsole to complete the overall design. The appearance is refreshing and arrogant, and there is a rare fluff design. Among all the colors of LeBron 9, this pair of new products can also rank at the forefront of the appearance list.

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