Unfreeze your Venmo login account in just 2 minutes

We have learned the simple ways to unfreeze your Venmo login account.


Venmo login is a mobile app that allows the users to send and receive money to companions directly into the account without having to worry about cash or small change. It is an American mobile payment company that was founded in 2009. Later on, venmo login  it was owned by PayPal and it is handling the company since 2012. The main purpose of this application is to send and receive money, split bills between friends and family. You can directly make the transaction via mobile application but both the sender and receiver must live in the United States.

Why does your Venmo login account get frozen?

There are many reasons for Venmo accounts getting frozen such as

  • You have violated the User Agreement policies of Venmo
  • If it notices any suspicious activity occurring in your account
  • You are participating in any other illegal ways to transfer the funds
  • If you are living outside the US and using a VPN to make transactions

Step 1: Unfreeze your Venmo login account:

Venmo login is a brilliant application and works very smoothly on Android and iOS. But if you still face problems like ‘your Venmo account is frozen’ or ‘Venmo is not working’ then you can just simply follow the instructions given below to fix your account.

  1. Firstly, go to the Venmo website via ‘venmo.com/addfunds’ 
  2. Visit the website via computer, it will be easy to do the procedure
  3. Now, sign in to the Venmo login app
  4. In the pop-up window, select the preferred bank you want to transfer the funds from
  5. Please make sure to verify your bank account in the Venmo login app before the transaction
  6. Now, enter the amount you want to transfer in Venmo app
  7. The amount should be at least 0.01 USD
  8. The money will be transferred to Venmo, resulting in unfreezing the account

Step 2: Contact the Venmo support team to unfreeze your account

  1. Go to the ‘ venmo.com/recover’ and login into the account
  2. Reply to the mail sent by Venmo regarding the account frozen
  3. You may need to attach the govt. ID to verify if it is you
  4. Or call customer support for better assistance


We have learned the simple ways to unfreeze your Venmo login account. But if it still does not work then call Venmo customer support and they will fix your issue in no time. Otherwise, perform the steps and fix your account at home. Venmo app is a good application if it is used with care and precautions. So, next time you do anything wrong with this account just wait for some time and unfreeze your Venmo login account with the procedures we have mentioned.

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