DH7138-506 Air Jordan 4 "Zen Master" will be released on March 22

DH7138-506 Air Jordan 4 "Zen Master" will be released on March 22


New Jordan 2020, Since its establishment, Jordan Brand has paid tribute to Michael Jordan many times, alluding to his interest outside of basketball. However, in the past few years, important figures in the lives of athletes have begun to surface, most notably through Series.01. This Air Jordan 4 is a bit different. It has the theme of "Zen Master" and pays tribute to former Chicago Bulls coach Phil Jackson. This pair of shoes will be unveiled alongside the 2022 Spring Collection, paying homage to Jackson's methods, which often include meditation and other spiritual traditions. In the imitation, the shoe upper mistakenly used a pattern similar to the Milky Way, with random splashes of purple and pink dyed on the fabric. On the other hand, the adjacent nets, shoelaces, and brand patches are much softer, choosing black finishes and some red logos. The tools are similar to the following, but the heel label and support wings are different due to the transparent finish.
2020 Cheap Jordans, Patience and eager Pelicans fans have been looking forward to Zion Williamson's return from the injury list, but near half of the 2021-2022 season, the official does not seem to make a comeback anytime soon. For his footwear career, this is an unfortunate timing, because his first signature shoe Jordan Zion 1 has completed its life cycle at the feet of the athletes he designed, but he hopes to be optimistic before the All-Star game. Provide Zion. At present, additional Jordan Zion 1 color schemes are emerging; the latest model is a clean and elegant combination of white, light gold and navy blue-a classic home color that perfectly matches the uniform. Don't the gilded tongue logo and spots add a touch of royal elegance to any sports team at NOLA?
Retro Jordan 2021, Jordan Retro golf shoes have become a sought-after item for those who want to find links in fashionable footwear. Although Nike withdrew from the sport a few years ago because its hardware could not compete with well-known brands, they are still completely relevant in the footwear field due to the classic shift. Compared with the Air Jordan 1 Golf and the current Air Jordan 4 Golf craze, this newly launched Air Jordan 1 Low Golf shoe hardly looks like it was designed for this sport, mainly due to the studless sole.
New Jordan Release, Whether it is Valentine's Day, Chinese New Year, or even 4/20, Nike SB will not miss any holidays. Although each one is attractive, they are likely to be a far cry from this year's "St. Patrick's Day" Dunk Low. The shoe was unveiled less than a week before the end of the year, and it was not a boisterous, public celebration; on the contrary, it adopted the theme of the date and applied them in a more universally appealing way. For example, the protruding degree of gold on the Swoosh just matches the softer appearance of the heel and tongue. The bottom of the gum has a similar effect, but it barely avoids being too strong due to its darker hue. From beginning to end, the suede uppers, linings and laces are all in a clover-like color and embroidered in white along the counter.

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