Where To Buy The New Release Nike Dunk Low “Harvest Moon”

Where To Buy The New Release Nike Dunk Low “Harvest Moon”


The patience and eager fan base of the Pelicans has been waiting for the return of the injured Zion Williamson, but in the middle of the 2021-2022 game, the official return Sneakerheads2020 does not seem to happen soon. For his shoes, this is an unfortunate timing, because his first pair of signature shoes, Jordan Zion No. 1, has gone through its life cycle. It was originally intended for athletes’ feet, but here is the tin of hope. Ann is optimistically available during the All-Star holiday. At present, more "Jordan Zion 1" colors are appearing; what we have recently seen is a clean and elegant combination of white, light gold and navy blue, which perfectly matches the classic home color uniforms. The gilded tongue emblem and markings are reminiscent of the royal elegance of any Nora sports team, don't they?

In 2022, the scale of golf will only get bigger and bigger, and New Jordan seems to be one of the biggest supporters of this sport. Today, three new Air Jordan 1 low golf colors are revealed, some of which are the most classic colors for nodding silhouettes. Just like the "Chicago" seen this morning, this pair takes us back to the earliest of AJ1, inspired by the beloved "Shadow". Except for the height, its imitation is quite close, with the nominal gray applied to the Swoosh as well as the toes and rear. Black, then, the dark leather outline and lace unit are all the same, matching the tread underfoot, but not the white finish of the adjacent midsole. As for the trademarks on the tongue and insoles, the word "golf" is spread beside Jumpman and Check; only the wing logo on the heel label is unchanged.

Low color schemes are not uncommon, as Men Nike Shoes will soon launch one after another. Although some of them may lack universal appeal, others, such as "Harvest Moon" exclusively launched by women, easily rank among them. "Harvest Moon" is concise and clear, retaining the most popular two-tone appearance of silhouettes. In its overlay and Swoosh, the nominal tan dress uses smooth leather that matches the texture of the white panel below. The sole echoes the color palette above, adding a clean and versatile member to the family. Throughout 2021, Sean Wotherspoon and Adidas released a large number of cooperative products. And his last, Super Turf Adventure, seems to be entering 2022 alone, preparing for the first GR color 2022 of what is effective silhouette. Although it may lack the input of Round Two heads, the pair is still bathed in similar, outdoor-inspired identities. For example, the color scheme is not very different from the past, consisting of bright violet and green, and then based on a series of adjacent gray and off-white neutral colors. In addition, the GR version completely abandoned the movable compartment, leaving bare rope laces and zippers.

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