DR7880-001 Nike Air Force 1 Fontanka Pink Prime

DR7880-001 Nike Air Force 1 Fontanka Pink Prime


Nike Air Force 1 has gone through countless iterations in its 39-year history,2021Sneakers which helps it stay relevant, even though it is no longer the latest product from North American institutions. A variant of fontanka inspired by Eastern European rave culture, the low-top profile provides some of the most striking updates to Bruce Kilgore's iconic design. The suede panel peeks from the middle foot and toe area, boasting an off-white hue. Synthetic leather covers the fabric and chooses a sharp "black" contrast, but the side rotor steals their "pink Prime" hue and non-standard structure of the spotlight. The details around the tongue and around the spine also introduce clues to the Air Force 1-iteration experiment, providing revelers with a statement option. To help with outdoor activities throughout the day, Nike's reactive foam was added to the sole, protruding from the side. Finally, the rest of the midsole and outsole combination breathe fresh air into the classic Nike sportswear, the sole indulged in an unbalanced layout and light green.

The list of athletes at Nike Stadium includes geniuses like Naomi Osaka and Rafael Nadal, who usually wear cutting-edge Zoom air-cushion shoes. However, New Drop Jordans with its tennis heritage, Swoosh's subdivisions continue to provide (pun intended) models rooted in tradition. An example? Two women-only styles have recently been launched. In view of the development of modern technology, the shape of this middle top still needs improvement. The sole is made of a simple combination of foam and rubber, similar to Nike Blazer Mid. The upper is usually made of synthetic leather, suede or canvas, but their latest combination has chosen a non-standard quilted nylon arrangement. The upper body of the two pairs of shoes adopts a variety of beige, gray and blue gradients, inspired by the padded jackets worn by athletes in cold weather; the color palette draws on the tones of the ice and snow battle. Finally, each style is characterized by suede reinforcement along the upper, as well as on the tongue tabs and spine, ensuring durability for use on and off the court.

Through Kawhi Leonard, Sneakers2090 has quietly entered the space of performance basketball in the past five years. However, a shape like New Balance 550 reminds consumers all over the world of the products that this Boston-based brand has provided for this sport since the 1980s. Although the New Balance BB9000 is not as popular as its low-cut models, it is another model that helped this 115-year-old company relive the past by presenting traditional designs in a new way. Compared with modern basketball shoes, this shoe is "simple". Recently, the mesh base and suede cover of this shoe have adopted a mixture of "black jade", "atomic yellow" and gray that is compatible with the lifestyle. With its color palette and high collar, this sneaker seems to be the perfect choice for the upcoming winter, although the sturdy sole unit emphasizes its hoop preparation ability. New Balance fuel cell buffering and multi-directional traction combined, the solution is suitable for hardwood.

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