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Our family loves pancakes. Since we were little we always had them on our breakfast menu.



Our family loves pancakes. Since we were little we always had them on our breakfast menu. But, we never liked the way they turned out: too fluffy and gloppy, and sometimes we even felt like they weren’t that good. So, we started experimenting with different pancake recipe and eventually we found one that we really wanted to try. It’s not the most exciting recipe, but it turned out great and we think it’s worth sharing with you all!


There are so many great potato pancake recipes out there but few are quite the same as the heart-warming traditional ones. If you love cinnamon, I’ve got just the one for you. If you love ginger, I have just the one for you. If you just love potatoes, then you’re in for a treat.


The first time I ever made potato pancakes was many years ago on a whim, on a whim of a friend who was on a date and needed something quick, and I had some potatoes and onions and the idea came to me instantly. I didn’t realize that potato pancakes were kind of a purgatory of a dish, and I thought they were just kind of undistinguished. They didn’t really taste like pancakes, and not that they tasted bad. It was just that I thought they were undistinguished.


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