Air Jordan 4 Golf CU9981-101 will be released on September 7

Air Jordan 4 Golf CU9981-101 will be released on September 7


For New Jordan 2020, there have been rumors that Jordan Brand will be the next reprint of the original Air Jordan 4 color scheme, and the famous "Military Blue" will be much earlier than you think. However, the Jumpman brand chose the popular golf version because the 1989 classic shoe with the Nike Air brand will be equipped with a studded outsole. In direct conversation with mature Jordan enthusiasts who may have transitioned from basketball to much less intense golf, this Air Jordan 4 is indeed an almost perfect replica of the silhouette that many people have been longing for since its last appearance in 2012. Since the other three OG Air Jordan 4 color schemes have already been unveiled with their appropriate Nike Air brand appearance, it is only a matter of time before this fourth and final one gets the respect it deserves.
2020 Cheap Jordans, G-Dragon's PEACEMINUSONE label shined in the footwear industry in 2019, bringing the artwork of Korean cultural icons under the black worn paint layer of Air Force 1. "Para-Noise" has been quite quiet since the sophomore white/black dropped in November 2020, but the former Big Bang lead singer just got a glimpse of his next collaboration with Nike on Instagram.
Retro Jordan 2021, Although the exact name of the shoe model is unknown, it is best to describe it as an all-gray leather brogue sneaker, whose design may be inspired by golf. Wingtip styles are common in this sport, and lace sleeves further hint at the link of the link. On the heel, you can see the five sod that usually has spikes, but replaced by the PEACEMINUSONE daisy logo. The increasing popularity of golf on the peninsula may have played a role in choosing this profile, but regardless of the background story, we are definitely interested.

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