EA Sports reveals home court advantage of 49ers and Bengals in Madden 22

One of the biggest changes that Madden NFL 22 brings to players is that each NFL team has its own home court advantage.


One of the biggest changes that Madden NFL 22 brings to players is that each NFL team has its own home court advantage. For example, the Cincinnati Bengals and 49ers have both gained an interesting home advantage that the team should actually use in real life. So, if players want to build a themed team, they can use each team’s unique home court advantage to play to their players’ strengths and buy more Madden 22 Coins to perfect their team.

One of the extra features of Madden NFL 22 is the addition of Home Field Advantage M-Factors for each home team. This means that the visiting team will face unique challenges when facing their opponents on the home scene. Some teams do not have unique advantages. For example, the New York Giants and the New York Jets have the same advantage but this means that visiting players will fatigue faster. Since the two teams are playing in the same stadium, it makes sense to copy and paste there.

There is another example where two teams have similar advantages. The Washington football team has an advantage called “Unstable Ground”. It will be difficult for visiting players to change direction. The turf of FedExField is notoriously bad, producing a slippery surface in terrible weather. In the first few seasons of the venue, Levi’s Stadium suffered less severe but still poor venue conditions. This has not been Madden 22 Coins in recent years. The San Francisco 49ers spent a lot of money and time to correct the early field conditions of Levi’s Stadium. However, for the 49ers, Madden NFL 22 literally copied and pasted the same home advantage of the Washington football team, which seemed a strange decision.

Before the release of Madden 22, there have been a lot of commentators commending it. The specific changes still have to be felt by the players themselves. They are also best to buy some cheap MUT 22 Coins to get those powerful players with lower prices as soon as possible after entering the game. Whoever has the first opportunity will be the winner!

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