The Air Jordan 4 Red Thunder Gonna Arrival on Oct 2nd, 2021

The Air Jordan 4 Red Thunder Gonna Arrival on Oct 2nd, 2021


New Jordan ,The days of 2021 are getting more and more exciting, and the total number of notable versions has reached a very high number. Although Air Jordan 1 has ruled for so long, this season mainly relies on Air Jordan 4. In the upcoming "Red Thunder", "Red Thunder" will arrive in October this year, a mixed interpretation of the previous classics. But unlike inspiration, Colorway has no yellow at all. On the contrary, as the famous person suggests, red dominates, dressing under the net and in the middle of the sole, supporting wings and inside the tongue. Elsewhere, the black Newbucks filled the void, further comparing the couple with their 2006-born opponents.

Latest Jordan 2020 ,In its 36-year history, Nike Dunk High School has done a lot of things. Although its most recent popular series includes some color schemes obtained from the archives, it also contains some new propositions, bringing a refreshing suit to Peter Moore's iconic design. In addition to the colorful shoes of the "first use" series and the hybrid design with Nike sports jacket (provided by ACRONYM's Erosen Hugh), this tall silhouette appears in a new acid wash makeup look. Yellow leather and midsole shoes make people look "old". The rumor is a joint effort with UNDERCOVER. This sneaker gives up any co-branding and supports a set of gray-scale overlays on a "worn-out" basis, which may be mistaken for an amateur "DIY" project. ,The hook-shaped shoes on the tongue are obsessed with graffiti-like aesthetics, while the outsole discards the pattern on the upper part of the shoe and prefers the dark gray arrangement with tones.

2020 Air Jordans ,The earliest rumors were that in early June, Adidas YEEZY BOOST 380 "Stone Salt" recently appeared in a new image, providing the couple with the best look so far. Although this does not completely depart from the low-key tone that dominates the YEZY footwear line, the upcoming option introduces shades of gray to provide Kanye West's brand with fresh enough makeup. The patterned original knit retains its translucent, perforated contour stripes, and the midsole sole prides itself on its standard "creamy white" makeup. The cushioning effect can be seen from the light yellow outsole. It may have the same ability to glow in the dark as before. It was originally considered the successor of the YEZY 350 V2.

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