Path of Exile 2 always makes players wonder

The developers claim that POE 2 is not just a simple extension, but a reimagining of their increasingly popular hack and slash game.


Maybe many players who don’t know enough about Path of Exile 2 have a misunderstanding about it, they think it is a larger extension, which is not the case. A few years ago, Path of Exile shined in online games and became popular because of its complex game system and an enormous amount of free game content. In the years since its release, Grinding Gear Games has released many free updates and content expansions, and is preparing to release their biggest update to date. The developers claim that POE 2 is not just a simple extension, but a reimagining of their increasingly popular hack and slash game. It scheduled to be released in 2020, but the COVID-19 pandemic has delayed some things.

Path of Exile 2 is not technically a new game. This will be a free update, and despite its large scope, they can still only support it through in-game cosmetic purchases. Because of the lack of a pay-to-win system, it is unique among free games. Path of Exile 2 has made many major changes to the components of the base game, but will not introduce any new microtransactions that Buy POE Currency.

Path of Exile expanded for the sixth time in 2017, called The Fall Of Oriath, which introduced six new content to continue the storyline and a series of other new features. Path of Exile 2 plans to add seven new chapters to the game, which occur simultaneously with the progress of the base game. Although it only has one more scene than the 2017 expansion, the developers are not just planning to introduce some new items and tasks into the game. This will be a real overhaul of the game, including graphics updates and a new progression system designed to solve many POE Currency of the original game.

But don’t expect it to appear this year. After all, the development team must first ensure the normal release and maintenance of the extensions in each quarter before they have the energy to participate in the development of Path of Exile 2. But next year players will definitely play it. Whether it is the upcoming Path of Exile 3.15 expansion or POE 2, it is worthy of players to take seriously and buy more POE Currency to facilitate their efforts towards better achievements and gains.

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