Crossover with Several Runescape Skills in Runescape

Crossover with Several Runescape Skills in Runescape



Just from the surface Archaeology seems to greatly help individuals who are interested in the Summoning and Invention RuneScape skills. Could we expect to see more synergy with another player RuneScape abilities too? We wanted Archaeology to feel core to RuneScape, not just something we tacked on to RuneScape Gold . There are a few methods to do that, but we decided to allow it to crossover with several RuneScape skills in RuneScape, through Relics and Historical Invention and Summoning. It also gives Archaeology the theme of'unearthing lost, strong knowledge', and we liked that.

Will the bonuses which gamers get from Relics still stay active during PvP and boss content? The relic powers that you could harness will stay active during boss encounters and many PvP experiences. There are some powers that we disable from the duel arena to ensure it stays a reasonable fight, however from the wilderness it's fair game!

Together with the Archaeology upgrade we'll have the ability to build a research team which will keep working to your player even if they are offline. Will there be some recognizable names which we can recruit to the study team? Absolutely! There are some RS household names as research workers, for example, site supervisors, Vanescula, Movario and Dr Nabanik. This is. If people like it, we want to bring different names into it.

In one of the news updates for Archaeology, I remember there being mention of this player possibly wishing to hold on various items in case there's another use for them in the future (instead of turning them for chronotes). Are there any historical finds which we could use to decorate the player owned houses or a way to buy osrs gp show them in our house instance? That's a fantastic idea! Player Owned Houses and the Structure RuneScape ability are needing a little love, and a tie to Archaeology will earn a lot of sense, as you have described. More broadly, among those things we would have loved to enter Archaeology was benefits and uses for each of the artefacts you complete. That might be something we look into in the future.


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