DD1870-200 Nike Air Max 1 "K.O.D.-CHA" released on March 27

DD1870-200 Nike Air Max 1 "K.O.D.-CHA" released on March 27


This weekClot x Nike Air Max 1 K.O.D. CHA will officially debut. With the arrival of the release date, the official image of the color scheme has finally been released recently. The whole pair of shoes continues the styling design of the kiss of death, using different shades of brown suede stitching body, with red Swoosh and heel details, the visual hierarchy is rich, and the temperament is also advanced and retro. The transparent material of the toe cap is still the biggest highlight and the biggest slot. It is highly admirable, but it is also very embarrassing to get foggy after getting on your feet. However, if you can start at the original price, I believe that many players will not account for such a "shortcoming".
Jordan Brand will launch a brand new Air Jordan 1 color scheme this summer. This color scheme has attracted much attention because of its hue similar to "smashing rebounds" and is therefore called "smashing 4.0". After multiple exposures, this time, the latest physical photos of the "buckle 4.0" are released again, which will show you the shoes from all angles. This pair of shoes is made of black, white and orange, with white as the base and black covering. The temperament is simple, advanced and versatile. The toe cap also has a familiar atmosphere of black toes, with orange accents on the upper, it also presents a broken temperament and a rich visual hierarchy. It is reported that this color matching will be officially on sale on July 17, friends who like it may wish to pay attention.
The brand Wasted Youth, managed by Verdy, will also launch the Wasted Youth × Nike Dunk SB Low Black jointly with Nike SB this year. Following the previous physical exposure and the release of the footsteps, the color matching official image was exposed on the Internet. The entire pair of shoes continues the iconic silhouette of SB Dunk, and the upper is made of black denim-like material with patch-like shaping and stitching. With the red and white inner pattern details that look like a rose, the visual effect is unique, and the old-fashioned flavor is strong, and it does not have a punk flavor. The words "Wasted" and "Youth" followed by the words are extremely recognizable, indicating the joint identity. It is reported that the new Wasted Youth × Nike Dunk SB Low "Black" will be officially launched on April 6th, with a sale price of $110. Those who like it will continue to pay attention.

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