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Whether you need solid skills or regular skills, the new heist task guide in Path of Exile will help you!

The Heist League of "Path of Exile" introduces a whole new ecosystem for the game's progress and endgame system. Nine NPCs, hundreds of new POE Currency, dungeon copies and Heists themselves add to the breadth of content for Path of Exile, which has never been seen in recent leagues.

In other words, for those novices or even experienced players, this can easily become one of the most confusing leagues. Equipping thieves and understanding Grand Heists can confuse learning. Fortunately, they are not as intimidating as they seem. From understanding the mechanics of Heist to general skills, here is a complete guide to the Heist mission of Path of Exile introduced in the Heist Alliance.

Charles Burgar updated on January 26, 2021: Heist content has been added to the core content of "Path of Exile", which means it can be used in Standard and all future leagues. The developer of Path of Exile, Grinding Gear Games, has made some changes to the robbery to reflect this change. This article has been updated to reflect these changes. Also added a section specifically for Rogues, hoping to simplify their unlocking process.

Every enemy in the path of exile has the opportunity to throw a thieves token, which is a special coin  that can open the door to the thieves’ port. Players can also find contracts from the hideouts of killed enemies and smugglers, which can be used to initiate robberies in rogue ports.

The behavior of contracts is similar to a map, and each contract has an area level that represents the power of the monster. These tasks will also point out the skills required, the puzzles that occurred, and list possible modifications in the unlikely or rare case of the contract. Like the map, players can buy POE Orbs to modify these contracts, thereby increasing rewards but making it more difficult. The earliest contract can be obtained under Act No. 6, and it covers almost every field. If the player is tired of drawing or leveling, completing the contract on one side is a major change in pace and will bring great rewards.

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