Madden 21: How to Build Ultimate Team 2021

Madden players can come in all shapes, sizes, and preferences. Some players love to spread the offense out and focus on an all-out passing attack


If you’ve just picked up Madden NFL 21, consider starting your journey this year with Ultimate Team. Using this guide, you'll be able to build the fantasy team of your dreams, and maybe not even have to spend an extra penny to do it. Here are our Madden NFL 21 Ultimate Team tips.

Explore Sets

One area that Madden Ultimate Team newcomers often overlook are the sets in the mode. These sets ask for certain cards to be acquired and placed inside them and upon completion, the user is rewarded with something. Often it's a set amount of coins, a special card pack, or simply a specific player. There's even an entire group of sets that let you turn in lower overall cards that aren't a part of your active lineup in exchange for a player of a higher overall. This is a nifty way to turn spare cards into useful additions to your evolving roster.

Play Challenges

Challenges are the group of solo events that have players entering games and trying to perform certain tasks. Depending on how skilled you are many of them can be done sequentially, and rather quickly. In recent years the developers have made it possible to go from challenge to challenge without returning to the main menu, which was a welcome quality of life change. You may end up preferring to play real people in the online modes, but if you're patient and love listening to podcasts, grinding solo challenges is an easy way to build up your coins and roster.

Know Your Team

Madden players can come in all shapes, sizes, and preferences. Some players love to spread the offense out and focus on an all-out passing attack, whereas others love to pound the rock and run the ball 30+ times. Going into Madden Ultimate Team you need to know what type of offense and defense you like to run. This will help you focus on what players you should focus on acquiring and you'd be amazed at how helpful having a generation goal and direction in mind can be to newcomers and beginners.

Your Ultimate Team Roster

With a bunch of cards under your belt, you can start to put together a pretty solid team.

Make the team you want to make. The fun in MUT is that you get to do what you want. That said, if you want to make the best team you can, there are a couple of things to note. For one, using the “Generate Best Team” option in the player lineup screen is an excellent way to get your highest-rated players at each position slotted into your lineup. This is a nice time-saving tool to use in the early going when your team doesn’t have any specific composition.

As you progress, you’ll start to notice that you can squeeze even more out of your players by way of something called Chemistry. Each player’s Chemistry rating will have some sort of impact on your team as long as you meet certain thresholds.


Now, compete, of course! There’s no shortage of modes to play if you want to put your team to the test.

Salary Cap is the game’s de-facto ranked mode and is perhaps the best mode for a beginner to check out. Each player will have a salary cap rating that increases the better they are, and you can’t start playing until you’ve created a full roster of players without exceeding the salary cap number.

Have fun with it

Part of the fun of the Ultimate Team is the process of building up a talented roster and pulling some of your favorite players in packs you earn or buy. Enjoy building a team that works for you rather than going for what’s simply popular. Open some packs, get excited, and have a good time with it.

By now, you have all the tools and information you need to get off to a fast start in Madden 21’s Ultimate Team mode. Master these tips will bring you a solid team that offers the best rewards. If you want to stock Madden 21 Coins in a short time, welcome to buy cheap Madden 21 MT coins on

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