Nike SB Dunk Low "What The P-Rod" is coming soon

Nike SB Dunk Low "What The P-Rod" is coming soon


To pay tribute to the brand's history, Nike is about to launch a new Nike SB Dunk color scheme. Over the years, Paul Rodriguez, a legend in skateboarding and long-time Nike SB rider Paul Rodriguez, has dozens of signatures. It seems that the sneakers of the past are all in the special Dunk Low'What The P-Rod' color scheme. Won the honor. Borrowing Rodriguez (Rodriguez) to enrich the elements in the product catalog, this sneaker will undoubtedly become one of the wildest sneakers this year.
Retro Jordan 2021,This color scheme is called "What The P-Rod". The whole pair of shoes is presented with an asymmetric mandarin duck design. Various textures such as bursts, stripes, and floral embroidery are injected, making the shoes echo the theme of "What The". And a variety of materials shape, also make this pair of shoes extremely high specifications. The upper is impregnated with a variety of patterns and colors to pay tribute to some of P-Rod's best and most famous products. The right toe is decorated with floral patterns, directly borrowing the appearance of the "Mexican blanket", while the adjacent golden dubrae uses the boxing theme in Dunk High, which he collaborated with last year. Elsewhere, Elephant Print played a role, paying tribute to the "J-Rods" that entered the market a few years ago. Stash's P-Rod 1 is worn next to each other, and further use of the initial silhouette is achieved through the ankle of the left foot. Then, like P-Rod 2, round the seam lining.
Cheap Jordans UK,Paul Rodriguez is undoubtedly one of Nike SB's most cherished athletes. And taking advantage of the long heritage of his signature behind him, the brand is carefully crafting the reference Dunk Low "What The P-Rod". In addition, there is also the gold medal of Dunk High, which cooperated with the boxing theme last year. To pay tribute to the past "J-Rods", there are signs of elephant prints, and Stash's P-Rod 1 is quoted in the left ankle area. For purists, the seam lining is also a cool retro style. Aesthetics may not be liked by everyone, but you can't deny the level of detail in the memorial sense. At present, the sale information of this shoe has not been released. Friends who like it continue to pay attention to it. This must be a popular color.

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