The Machine of PvP We Have in Runescape Game

The Machine of PvP We Have in Runescape Game



I'm not saying the entire PvP community are toxic lurers and covetous. The machine of PvP we have in OSRS Gold  game today encourages it. Eliminate PvP and people can not lure others for lender. So they could earn money it will not get rid of all toxicity, but keep in mind that a good deal of this stems from PvPers attempting to flame others into danger struggles. Remove to greed and lure in the wilderness and you will see that toxicity return too. Looting tote is a win-win scenario for any outcome.

Lots of lures exist outside of wildy (drop lures etc). Shitty people will always exist but it doesn't mean you have ta remove entire parts of articles that people enjoy because of a few'bad apples'. Dying means losing some of your things (be it rags or big risk) getting the kill means that you could make cash; whereas in safe PvP none of that matters, you can die and only tele up again, rinse and repeat.

So you agree with me greed is a problem. Yes, there are many warnings about lures as well as the wilderness, yet these lurers nevertheless manage to profit from doing it, as it will work on some people. They take away people's hard earned money, then PM people in the maximal guild, nex lender, regular GE because they are interested in their next victim. It is a massive issue and should be addressed, lurers and skull trickers really are a problem.

For PvPers who are just that, the problem you need to see is that PvP that is harmful isn't sustainable. PvP Cheap OSRS Gold  player base will continue to shrink as stronger gear enters Runescape game, and folks are even less able to win conflicts because they're not fair fights to begin with. A seasoned PvPer who's spent time perfecting high end equipment and the combat system is always likely to push people in lower tier equipment without the same experience or purchased skills and PvP auras like ancestral wisdom.


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