Which players in Madden 21 deserve higher ratings

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After a long period of development, the number of players that EA has added to the game after the emergence of Madden 21 has reached an astonishing number. But players all know that EA can’t rank every player fairly according to their performance at every moment, so there are players in the game who should be worthy of higher ratings but don’t get what they deserve. For the players who love these players, although they use less MUT 21 Coins to get their idols, they must still feel a little uncomfortable in their hearts.

Aaron Rodgers, with an overall rating of 95, is a very good quarterback. But when the players discovered that as the MVP winner, he was not a member of the 99 club, which made fans feel very absurd. The 37-year-old quarterback threw for more than 4,200 yards with 48 touchdowns and 5 interceptions. Sometimes he is omnipotent on the court and no opponent can intercept him. In short, fans think his rating is a bit low, it should have been 99.

For Deshaun Watson, who is also a quarterback, the 90 rating is a big shame. Because he led his team to get some excellent results this season, although he did not do very well in other aspects, but fans believe that his rating is at least 96. This is in line with his usual brilliant performance and powerful ability.

Players are furious that Logan Thomas’ rating is only 77. Thomas is not only under-appreciated in Madden, but he is also under-appreciated in the NFL. Thomas was a glue piece for the Washington Football Team, being a consistent target for four different quarterbacks. He caught 72 passes for 670 yards. Yet, he had only a 77 overall rating. To put it into Cheap MUT 21 Coins, Mike Gesicki only had 53 receptions, and he was at 85 overall. However, it is still inaccurate that Thomas is below his counterpart with the Miami Dolphins.

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