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Since reviews are extremely crucial, some companies might, unfortunately, post some fake reviews. These are written by people who haven’t actually used the service, writing about how good the assignments they received are.


Ordering an essay or a research paper from a professional essay writing service is a practical solution for most students. With so many tasks and assignments, composing a well-written essay usually becomes the only solution as there are typically too many assignments to finish in so little time.

However, in some cases, you might end up with a bad assignment that was written by an unqualified writer. In recent years, the number of unreliable essay writing services has increased dramatically, so you should be very careful when choosing an essay writing service. This is why you need to do a little research and read essay writing service reviews before ordering your assignment.


With the rising number of companies, it’s getting harder and harder to choose a legitimate one. writing services provides reviews and rankings of the world’s most popular essay writing, editing, and proofreading services available online.
The team behind LegitWritingServices professionally reviews and evaluates different services that write, edit and proofread essays, research papers, theses, dissertations, and other types of academic assignments and written content in general. The company aims to help students around the world to make better choices by providing the most recent information about popular services on the market and combating fake reviews.
“The essay writing industry is suffering from biased and false reviews written by reputation management companies and businesses themselves. What these companies do is completely unethical, as they mislead and deceive potential customers by creating fake reviews. I think that every customer has the right to expect reviews of products and services to be authentic and credible.” says Adam Simon of writing services.
The company bases its recommendations on real testing results. The team tests and analyzes key elements that make or break a legit essay writing service and writes unbiased reviews. Among other things, they evaluate price (value for money), ease of use, delivery time, quality of customer service, company’s policy adherence, and some other factors.
Best essay writing services hire the best academic writers who can finish essays and research papers in excellent quality. All you have to do is choose a professional writing service and order your task after browsing the types of assignments available. You might also be able to check several samples to choose the writer who will work on your task.


How Can You Find a Legitimate Essay Writing Service?
The first thing that most people think about when they’re looking for a professional academic writing service is reviews. Best essay writing service reviews are either written on platforms like Reddit, where students share their experience hiring a professional writer. In other cases, you can find several reviews on the website itself.
However, fake reviews are quite common. This happens when the website own-ers hire people to write excellent reviews about the assignments they received, tempting other people to order their research papers and essays. In most cases, these are the company’s employees or other people who never actually ordered a task. So, why are fake reviews so dangerous?

• Fake reviews will result in a loss of time. One of the main reasons why people order their essays and papers from professional writing services is that they don’t have time to submit their tasks on time. If you choose a writing service that is not reliable or trustworthy, you will probably receive your task after the deadline or might not ever receive it because there are no guarantees that you will ever get the assignment you need.

• You will be wasting your money. These writing services would still charge the usual prices for the assignments and essays that you can order online. However, you might not receive an appropriate assignment that you can submit. Even if you receive the task before the deadline, you might not be able to fix it, and you might have to hire someone else to rewrite or fix your assignment.

• Bad writing services don’t guarantee that you will receive an original piece of writing. Plagiarism is a serious crime in academia, and offering a copied essay or research paper isn’t just a waste of time because you’ll eventually have to repeat it. You might also get into serious trouble because you’re submitting work that isn’t yours.

• Even if the writer provides you with an original essay, it might be of very low-quality. Unprofessional essay writing services don’t hire qualified writers. The person working on your assignment might not even be capable of writing an academic piece of writing. You might end up with an essay containing many academic mistakes because the person doesn’t understand the topic very well, or it might be written in poor English.

Why Are Essay Writing Service Reviews Important?

Before choosing an academic writing service to handle your essay or research paper, you will have to do some research. You will have to go through reviews to see what others think about the service you’re considering. Here are some rea-sons reviews are critical.

• People like to leave reviews to tell others about their experience. These reviews are usually anonymous, so people can be honest about what they post.

• In some cases, posting a review is required. Companies use reviews be-cause they help build the company’s credibility and image. Customers interact more when there are reviews that they can read and relate to because they know that this is a company that has helped several customers before.

• Potential customers are likely to go through the best essay writing service reviews to assess the value of the service they will receive. This will help them decide if it’s really worth it.

• Reviews are also critical for companies because they can help the management identify and fix problems. As a company, you will realize if most of your clients complain about receiving late assignments or tasks that are full of grammar or spelling mistakes, so you will be able to avoid these problems in the future.

How to Find Genuine Essay Writing Service Reviews?

Since reviews are extremely crucial, some companies might, unfortunately, post some fake reviews. These are written by people who haven’t actually used the service, writing about how good the assignments they received are.
This can be misleading because people will make their decision. They will be buying an essay or research paper based on wrong information, which can cost them time and money.
Fake paper writing service reviews aren’t that easy to spot because people writing them will make sure that they seem as real as possible. However, there are a few tips that can help you identify fake reviews and find the best paper writing service.
Do They Sound Too Good to Be True?
You will probably read several paper writing service reviews about a service before choosing it. If most or all of the reviews are only praising the service and the writers, with nothing negative at all, then the reviews are probably fake.
In this case, the reviews might be written by a company employee or someone who hasn’t actually tried the service, so they will just use good words like “amazing,” “one-of-a-kind,” and “outstanding,” without actually referring to the time frame, the price paid, or quality of customer support service. Using capital letters and exclamation marks is another red flag.
Are These Reviews Seem to Be Too Short?
Since most of these college paper writing service reviews are written by people who didn’t use the service, the reviews can be too short. They won’t have anything real to share about the service, so they will stick to generic words and statements that don’t actually describe the service or provide real value.
Are They Written in the Same Writing Style?
Whether we like it or not, every person has a unique writing style. We use similar words and the same sentence structure, and this can help you identify if the reviews are written by the same person.
If you scroll down through several reviews only to find that the same words are used to describe the service provided, then they’re most probably fake. Reviews are supposed to be written by several people with different educational backgrounds, and some of them might not be native speakers, and this is why they probably hired someone to write their assignments. If the writing style and vocabulary sound similar, these reviews are probably fake.
Do They Sound Like Ads?
In ads, the commercial starts by stating the problem briefly and then highlights how the product or service was a life savior. This is how a fake review will sound like.
You might see some reviews stating how late they were for an assignment but buying an essay or research paper managed to help them get an A. Real people share what they went through while ordering, waiting, and receiving these assignments. The language used won’t sound too sales or like it was written by someone whose main job is to make you trust the company and buy its services.
Do They Focus Only on the Good?
In a fake review, there will be no mention of any struggle or problem related to the ordering or buying process. The review will only focus on how impressive the service, with no mention of any problems that may have been encountered.
In real reviews, a person might not be satisfied with the price, might think that the service delivered isn’t as good as promised, or might have some comments about the overall quality. But when the reviews are fake, you will get the impression that this is the best essay writing service out there.
If you’re examining the reviews on a website, and all the reviews are 100% positive, this is another telltale sign. It’s unlikely that everyone who has ever used the service feels that it’s exceptional, and it’s only normal to deal with unsatisfied customers now and then.
Website is Not Trustworthy
You need to be careful about the platform itself. Is this a trustworthy website that usually offers legitimate reviews? If the owner of the essay company website is the same as the owner of the review website, then the reviews are most likely fake. Other reputable platforms will probably delete the reviews if they’re proven to be fake.
Are Essay Writing Services Legit?
Yes, essay writing services are completely safe, legit, and reliable. The main thing is to use a company that you can trust. You can read reviews from other students to find out if a website is reliable or not. Generally, unreliable companies have low prices, so it’s better to avoid them. Beware that using an essay writing service is associated with many risks, that’s why reading paper writing service reviews are critically important. For instance, you can hire an unqualified writer because essay writing companies are usually not transparent enough about the qualifications of their writers. As a result, you can get a low-quality, plagiarized paper. If you submit such a paper, you can get caught and face disciplinary penalties.
Are Essay Writing Services Legal?
Yes, essay writing companies are completely legal in America and most parts of the world. Companies that write papers for students do nothing wrong because they ask students to use the essays they buy as a study and reference material for their own assignments. Most essay writing services promote academic integrity and ask students not to hand in the essays they sell. Therefore, buying essays on-line is completely legal. Submitting an essay you bought online isn’t illegal, but it’s certainly against the rules of most educational institutions.
Are Essay Writing Services Worth It?
Using an essay writing service is absolutely worth it if you have an important paper due and don’t have much time to write it by yourself. By hiring a writer you save a lot of time and get yourself a chance of receiving a good grade. Some students who juggle work and studying report that essay writing services helped them to avoid failing their courses.
Fake reviews can be extremely misleading, so you might end up trusting a lousy service with your academic work. People trust reviews because they’re supposed-ly written by someone who has used the essay writing service.
However, in some cases, these reviews can be written by the website owners themselves, only trying to sell the service by highlighting the good and ignoring the bad. If you see that all the reviews are mentioning how exceptional the service is, this should be a red flag. You should also watch out for the language and writing style because they can help you detect if the reviews are fake.

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