I believe this is par for the course for the popular variants

I believe this is par for the course for the popular variants


I can not agree more with all the other users on 2K21 MT this. The simple fact that these rosters are updated is a deplorable. It's totally insane!Why is everyone referring to roster upgrades? The god damn match is not even playable. I bought it for 10 bucks and feel ripped off.

Side note did not know this many people were on stadia. If we had a working version of 2k, the number of games that could occur on stadia will be immense!I had a bug today where I had been supposed to be in the dunk contest, then when I clicked on the game, it says I'm not engaging. Why would I get text messages about it, and people on twitter stating I'm in it if I am not? Much like All Star game, I had been on the board to the match, but has been told I'm not in the game? I can't even collect my endorsement VC, because I can not visit the neighborhood. It freezes anytime I attempt to go. My character is still in his OG street clothes

I believe this is par for the course for the popular variants of EA games, the Shift variant is also gimped right?Never played any NBA2K match, but I have never heard a single good thing about any of these. So can not say I am surprised tbh.I have not purchased the game since I heard I bad it had been on Stadia, but I would have loved to.

Could be great if email contacts have been shared, so we can coordinate a mass mailing of critics.Want to play Uno, get the the deck of cards Want to play a racing game, take your car to the monitor Want to play with a shooter game, play paintball

From the post description it said,"Merely asking for exactly what I paid for" and includes NBA 2k21 and 3 months of Xbox Live. It's almost like the "I'm supplying a service' attitude has become"please purchase this for msrp since rents due and that I blew all my cash on consoles".

Their ass is contrary to the wall. I would provide $50 less than requesting since you have to drive there/doing them a service by Buy NBA 2K21 MT Coins desolving their illiquid assets/covid fee/shipping handling/etc

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