World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Cobbler’s ships vary in price

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It has been nearly two months since Shadowlands was released, and most players are already familiar with this expansion, even looking for the next content update. Most of us have achieved the purpose of this patch, where we can reduce the game time of World of Warcraft. We know exactly where we like. However, before I turn my attention to what is about to happen, I want to take some time to review the past few weeks, the Classic WOW Gold legendary craftsmanship has bothered me very much. Or rather, the troubled leatherworker discovered the process of making legendary ships by himself.

To be honest, I do like the profession that this kind of expansion is engaged in. I find it very useful. This is in sharp contrast to BfA. In BfA, I even seriously doubt whether I should switch to skin/herbals. It is quite easy to enter the leather processing industry. To be honest, my ranking speed is much faster than I expected. I even like how certain professions depend on each other for certain things. More interaction between majors can help everything go smoothly. However, these issues come into play when we consider using the "legendary" ship subsystem.

Since the boat is a key element in making Legendary, I am also okay with the need for a lot of cushions, especially for advanced boats. Although only the higher-level attribute increase is considered, and the legendary effect itself is not considered, there is an argument that the scale of the mat is too high. Depending on the item slot, there are some differences. For example, the usage rate of pads for hand guards is lower than that of vests, while hand guards for arm guards are less than hand guards. However, they are very close in terms of mat requirements, especially when you consider the fact that heavy old skins and fragments of animal skins are the limiting factor in making these ships.

Desolate leather is common and can be used to make heavy desolate leather, so these are not limiting factors. The mail mode switches the "Desolate Leather" components of "Pale Bones", but these components are also very easy to obtain. Orboreal fragments can only be purchased from vendors. Fortunately, every Covenant Hall has a vendor, and as you gain prestige from the convent faction, their price will decrease. These fragments start at 125g, and I believe their lowest price is 106g. They are not difficult to obtain, but they are not cheap either. The lowest cost of Orboreal fragments for the number one vessel is 848g-1,272g.

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