2020 White/Black-Lightbulb-Team Orange Air Jordan 1 Mid “Multicolor” CW1140-100

2020 White/Black-Lightbulb-Team Orange Air Jordan 1 Mid “Multicolor” CW1140-100


The upcoming jordan shoes 2019 is made of patent leather, smooth leather, mesh and suede.Women's Air Jordan 1 Mid SE "Lightbulb" showed a series of mixed materials and colors on the upper. The design uses a white leather base with patent leather details on the black Swoosh and blue temples. Green and yellow suede panels are used on the toes and heels, while purple scrubs appear on the collar flaps and forefoot overlays.
The New Yeezy 2020 and the contrasting red give the shoes a sense of vitality. As it became popular, Jordan Brand apparently used it as a source of inspiration for this GR, and its GR color blocks almost reached the same format. Each panel from toes to eyes is dyed in a unique tone, the former is decorated with volt green suede, the latter is decorated with patent leather blue. Elsewhere, orange followed by mustard yellow, and immediately below, in stark contrast to the purple at the ankle clamshell. This exclusive color for women is a direct descendant of the original OG High, and the Air Jordan 1 Mid is designed for casual wear. Asphalt road.
This New Jordan 2020 is worn in a variety of colors and can provide a vibrant complement to any outfit. Here, we previewed the upcoming Air Jordan 1 Mid shoe, which is dressed in black, light bulbs, orange, purple nebula and illusion style. Green combination. Made of smooth leather, mesh, patent leather and suede. Not only the structure will change, but the color will also change. With an Easter atmosphere, they have volts, green, purple, blue, yellow, white, black and orange. Retouched appearance is the stitches exposed in various areas.

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