What fascinating players appeared in Madden 21 TOTW 14 released some time ago

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Some time ago, Madden 21 had some minor issues that caused the content update to be interrupted. EA released Madden 21 TOTW 14 and TOTW 15 at almost the same time last Tuesday. Players familiar with this event know what this means. The number of player cards they can buy and use in Madden 21 Ultimate Team has skyrocketed. And players can buy some MUT 21 Coins to get Richard Sherman and David Montgomery first.

Although Madden 21 TOTW 14 and TOTW 15 not released as scheduled, the response seems to be good now. Some time ago, it may not appear until now because EA is preparing and releasing the Madden NFL 21 playoff event. Players can also find various interesting items or players in the ongoing TOTW 14. Ricky Williams and Kevin Carter are two representative examples. The ratings of the two of them above 90 points are enough to prove how proud they are.

Richard Sherman, the defensive superstar who played for the Seahawks but now plays for the 49ers, is the most dazzling LTD card in TOTW 14. With an overall rating of 96, the awareness and game recognition with a rating of 94 and the speed with a rating of 93 can help players better interpret and successfully resist the opponent’s attack in the actual game. In addition to him, players can freely choose the players they want according to their preferences. For example, Ricky Williams, who is good at offense, or Defense Hero Kevin Carter, are good candidates.

Under past practice, there will always be some wealthy players who will collect these players and wait for the event to end before placing them in the auction house at a higher price than before in order to get more profits. If players don’t want to suffer and want to try new players now, they can go to the GameMS to Buy Madden Coins that players trust the most to achieve this goal.

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