Torghast's departure makes me feel a little regret

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During a study break in Torghast, I read that the boss’s difficulties can vary greatly, depending on your luck and the gains you provide. Luck or luck is not to say that World of Warcraft players like it too much under normal circumstances, but I insist on this fact so that I can comfort myself to deal with failure.

I found myself back on the second floor of Torghast. Since the wings change every week, I think these new aircraft might be better. The level to the boss is as easy as the previous week, but I cannot enjoy myself because I want to die again in the boss battle. But I did it. I easily killed Cellblock Sentinel in the first attempt.

I am still behind Soul Ash, but it is actually the first time I have been able to enjoy Torghast since the WOW Classic Gold For Sale first successful operation of Layer 1 last week. In the next few weeks, I started to look forward to the reset very much so that I could have an excuse to jump into Torghast, and even I repeated a few times the layers that I can manage because I like the monotonous turning off grinding. This reminds me of "Diablo 3". Once you get the 6-piece reward, unless you yearn for the Great Rift Valley, nothing can really touch you.

I haven't done this in all available layers, but I'm constantly improving, and the sense of victory I get when I manage to kill the boss on a layer that I have never defeated before is well worth the Classic WOW Gold time. I also spent a lot of time exploring. Find small walls or drop-down menus that hide fragile vases or soul relics. I'm not in a hurry to find the last boss, I may or may not kill him, but it doesn't seem to matter anymore. If I didn't kill it, it would be a bad RNG, and it has nothing to do with my skills as a player. If I don't like my fan, I will leave without mercy and reset the layer.

Torghast has been away for more than a month, and now most of the challenges have disappeared. It feels like it has been downgraded to do another monotonous content because you have to do it, not because it is fun. I think I haven't talked to anyone who likes to enjoy Torghast cleanup anywhere after cleanup, which is really regrettable.

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