The upcoming live show will reveal the next development plan of Path of Exile

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Although players have high expectations for the release plan of POE 2 and do not know if it has put on the agenda, but today, GGG announced a major event, that is, they broadcast live on the social platform to explain the expansion of Path of Exile 3.13 The detailed information includes content such as gameplay and game mechanics. It has made players expect higher and higher expectations for the new expansion, and after this live broadcast, the old players who gave up Path of Exile because of disappointment with the game team also returned to the game and used the last time to start Work hard to prepare for POE Currency.

What makes players guess is what the final name of the extension is. They don’t yet know whether the developers will reveal this information on the live broadcast. In short, no matter what kind of league it is, it must be inseparable from the most fundamental dark elements and battles. It is not difficult for those players who have completed the three epic events. They are just wondering what is so great about the game content that the developers have spent nearly four months creating.

In order to attract more people to watch this live show, Grinding Gear Games will provide Path of Exile rewards for those who watch the live show. Although the players don’t know what the rewards are, it is always good. After the live broadcast, the game team will announce the time and more detailed information about their rewards. Although it is a free and relatively easy-to-play RPG game, novice players in particular should work hard to gain a greater advantage in the game soon.

And if these novice players can be familiar with and master skill trees and trading skills, they will definitely be able to get more treasures or rare materials they want at a lower cost. But before that, they should buy some POE Chaos Orb first. Go ahead, everyone, move towards higher achievements!

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