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On November 23, 2020, Auckland, New Zealand-Grinding Gear Games announced that there will be three epic events on the Path of Exile in December 2020, which will end in an explosion at the end of this year. These events include the one-week Mayhem event, the one-week Endless Delve event and the three-week Heist Flashback event. These events ensure that the holiday spirit stays strong before the end of the robbery alliance and the beginning of the Path. The game expansion in January will focus on the new expansion, and there will be new additions to the POE Currency.

 Starting at 12:00 pm on December 4th, the classic exile path modifiers of past alliance anarchy, invasion, breakthrough, ambush, torture, and Vanguard 11 will be adopted to enhance the week-long chaos. One of the following will happen: 20 hooligans, 20 vaults, 20 invading bosses, 20 violations, 20 torture spirits or 20 vanguards, and the mode will change every hour.

This week’s "Endless Late Night" event will start at 1:00 PM Pacific Standard Time on December 11 and will be held entirely at the Azurite Mine. In this unique event, the player will start to fall into dangerous darkness through some triggers. Players can obtain passive points that are usually obtained from missions and bear Kitava's counter-punishment at various threshold levels. Players can use the ascent in the mining camp to enhance their character, while Eli Lilly Rose and Nico can provide skill gems. Players cannot reach their hiding place or any city, which means they can only face the darkness through Buy POE Currency.

Finally, the three-week robbery made a comeback. Starting at 12:00 on December 18 (Pacific Time), each playground will contain several popular mods from past leagues, and the following three modes will be randomly selected.

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