World of Warcraft: Shadowlands-2020 Winter Veil Feast

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World of Warcraft: Shadowlands players may be busy restoring order in the afterlife, but this does not mean that they have no time to celebrate seasonal holidays. After the recent raid at Castle Nathria, the heroes had a short break before fighting Jailer's again. From December 16th to January 2nd, every player can participate in the Winter Veil Feast to earn some holiday rewards.

In the legend of the Classic WOW Gold universe, this Warcraft Christmas is based on Santa’s version, namely "Grandfather Winter", who can take any form to leave snow and joy after it snows. Although the Shadowlands field will not participate in many activities in Winter Veil, players can return to Azeroth to experience this year-end celebration. Although the 2020 event only adds some content, there are still a lot of back-to-basics fun such as daily tasks and open gifts.
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Great-grandfather Winter and his assistants have set up winter curtain decorations in Orgrimmar and Ironforge. Under this big tree are a large number of gifts containing cosmetics, such as this year’s new toys, but these gifts cannot be opened until Christmas morning. Prior to this, players can ride Grandpa's sleigh around the city in winter, or enter a giant snowball to become a holiday dwarf or fairy suitable for the spirit of the winter veil.

In addition, great-grandfather Pepe finally appeared above the nearby cart in the Cheap WOW Classic Gold game. Clicking on Pepe provides an hour of enhancement, allowing him to accompany the player on top of the head, accompanied by "A Tiny Winter Hat", which allows the toy version of Pepe to appear in his grandfather's costume. Please note that interacting with Pepe requires a World of Warcraft character of at least level 50.

Players who have reached level 30 at least can accept the daily "You's a Mean One..." quest from the Smokey Grass Ranch NPC in Orgrimmar or Ironforge. The heroes must travel to the endless caves in the Hillsbrad Hills to defeat the hateful Grinch and rescue the reindeer Merzen. Anyone who succeeds will get a "stolen gift", which can include winter veil toys from the past few years, holiday pets, and even rare weapon illusions, such as "Winter Grip" and "Ragnaros Fire". A "strange snowman" also offered Hillsbrad a task for those who forgot to pick it up in the city.
Garrison Daily

Once again, characters with at least level 40 and a level 3 Draenor garrison can use more of the Winter Veil Festival involving the mythical yeti's grumpy temper. After completing all tasks, you will get five Christmas items, which can be replaced with various garrison decorations or toys. In addition, players can also purchase barbaric gifts, which can contain garrison resources, Draenor warlords or even rare mounts of the small army.

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