Path of Exile: Three Reasons Why Good Harvests Are A Failure

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In Harvest, players on the path of exile can get POE Currency from playing the game, which can be used to grow monsters. This is what made it fail.

However, deterministic production will bring a heavy price to the health of the path of exile. If the league is implemented to the standard and a few changes are made, it will completely disrupt the game. In short, Harvest's game loop and powerful skills simply do not fit the difficulty curve of Path of Exile. Grinding Gear Games may know this, which is why Harvest will undergo some overhaul before being incorporated into the game. This is the best, but it is a pity that an alliance has solved many problems related to upgrading and upgrading equipment, and it cannot enter the core game as it is. Yes, but GGG made the correct call here.

After beginning to harvest the alliance, Oshabi will provide players with a small garden for use. Since Path of Exile is a game that revolves around minimal maximization, it’s no surprise that the community found the best settings for the garden in the first few weeks of the league. Once discovered, managing the garden boils down to sowing and harvesting. It is very time-consuming to get an optimal garden, but this further exacerbates the disconnect between the Harvest League mechanics and the core game.

Since the harvest takes place in a garden that is not connected to the map, players must Buy POE Currency to enter the garden, plant seeds, and kill mature monsters. This game loop clears and places the fast-paced games in the previous league. From cleaning the entire room of the enemy to waiting for the enemy to spawn and rule multiple sub-menus, it feels bad. Harvest's game cycle may be the main reason why it did not become the core.

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