555088-402 Air Jordan 1 High "Hyper Royal" Will Be Released In April 2021

555088-402 Air Jordan 1 High "Hyper Royal" Will Be Released In April 2021


In addition to innovative shoe models, Air Jordan 1 shoe models will also launch a number of exquisite new colors next year. Recently, the "Hyper Royal" color scheme that was exposed earlier has released the latest real spy photos. Let's come to the product. This color matching shoe body is formed with a rare haze blue tone and white stitching, leather material and dark leather shaping, plus some old designs, so that the temperament of the whole pair of shoes is similar to last year's AJ 1 "Tiffany Green" Similar, fresh and retro. The gray details of the Swoosh and the upper part are embellished to make the shoes a little more calm and advanced.
In New Jordan 2020, Air Jordan 1 was presented for the first time in high, medium and low end. This was the first pair of signature shoes of Micheal Jordan. It was designed by Peter Moore and has since been one of the most popular sports shoes of all time. This Air Jordan 1 is wearing Hyper Royal, light smoky gray and white color. White leather covers the bottom of the blue and white Air Jordan 1 High, with a layer on top. Hyper Royal discounts give this silhouette a bold blue look. The sides are decorated with white Air Jordan wings and the silver is decorated with Swooshes. Around the side walls and collar.
From the picture, this Air Jordan 1 High Hyper Royal will use light smoky gray, white and blue as the main color of the shoe. Grey leather velvet covers the tongue, side upper and side of the shoe. With navy blue leather details, there are navy blue Swoosh and white flying wing badges and signatures on the heel. It looks like another pair of "North Carolina Blue" colors. , The northern card blue is considered to be Nike’s accustomed color scheme, and sneakers of similar colors have always been popular, and even the obsidian before it was praised by foreign media as one of the best-looking AJ1s. I believe that the final effect of these brand new AJ1 premium OG "Super Royals" will also be very good, and it will definitely add its own strength to the next brand war.

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