What are the improvements in PS4 Path of Exile 1.68 patch

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PS4 players who have been looking forward to the improvement of Path of Exile finally received the latest 1.68 patch last Friday. After they download the patch, they can use it on PS4. For players on the PS4 platform, the patch is a good thing to make their game progress smoother. With the new patch, the process for players to get POE Currency will also become easier. They can also use the earned POE Items in time for the three epic events held by GGG this month.

Let’s look at what’s new in patch 1.68. The first is that developers have increased support for upcoming events. They also added the ability to use “LS + Square” to override the affinity setting when transferring the item to storage, which will ignore the storage association and place the item in the storage tab that the players were opening. Amulets dropped from the abyss of the ritual ground will now drop as rare items with higher-level modifiers, and if in a monster level 68 or higher area, with frost.

In addition to the above, the game team has also fixed some issues with strong feedback from players. If the player’s zone level is too low, Atlas Jewellery may not be able to drop from the Delve box. These boxes no longer spawn below 65 depth. This problem will never happen again. There is also a certain problem with Stash Affinities, that is, when it is fully loaded and they can add no more items, players will still switch to the tab interface when they click on it. They have greatly improved the stability of the client than before, and it will not crash easily.

In general, compared to performing Path of Exile on PS4 a long time ago, we can say it is much better now. In this way, PS4 players can enjoy the same stability as PC players to play those epic activities. Players who want to achieve greater achievements should now Buy many POE Orbs and POE Items to enhance their strength.
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