Things you need to know about Path of Exile

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Regarding the path of exile, many players have some questions that they want to know. Here we will answer a few popular questions about the path of exile.

By upgrading multiple characters, will I have a better chance of winning prizes?
Yes. At the end of the event, every role you reach is eligible to participate in the award ceremony. This does not include the surprise box, and each account is limited to one box. Players have the opportunity to get a lot of POE Currency rewards.

Can I get more than one micro-transaction award?
Yes, it is possible to win multiple awards. This does not include the surprise box, and each account is limited to one box. If you reach level 50 in all three events, you will receive three surprise boxes.

When can I get the bonus?
When you reach level 50 of the event, you will automatically be rewarded with the "Twilight Surprise Box". At the end of the event, other micro conversions and "Demi-God Power" will be performed. If you have won a prize, you will receive a private message through the website. Please note that all rewards except Surprise Box and "Demi God Power" are random and cannot be guaranteed. We will notify you on Twitter immediately after all awards have been awarded.

How can I participate in the event?
When you select a character, there will be a field below your character that shows the current event. You can join the event through POE Trade Currency. This option is available 30 minutes before the event. Your character cannot move before the event begins.

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