Disposable Face Mask- A Necessity in Current Time

Since the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended wearing a face covering to slow the spread of coronavirus in early April, you’ve most likely tried your fair share of face masks. While you may have found a lightweight cloth mask that’s easy to wear while running errands


Disposable face masks are usually made from paper or non-woven fabrics. Some masks are made of polypropylene, which is a plastic. To make sure that your masks are hypoallergenic, opt for an option made with a material that’s 100% latex-free to avoid any possible irritation.

At GS Medical we care about your health and safety, therefore we make quality disposable mask right here in USA. Our manufacturing facility is found in Thomasville, North Carolina. to take care of the standard and standard for absolute best protection from environmental threats we don't import mask but manufacture our own, because we care about you and your family. These mask may not protect you from bacterial or coronovirus but may prevent spread of the diseases from one person to other. These are single use only and discard if they're wet or soiled. Our mission to assist you protect your health also as your family’s. Currently we make only disposable mask , which are 3 layer with ear loop and metal nose pin. Our future plan is to form N 95 mask respirator, hat, shoe covers, gown and complete range of PPE ( Personal Protective equipment) for medical professionals, care givers and general community.

All disposable face masks have a closure to hold the mask securely in place on your head. While all closure types can work well, some are easier to use than others.

  • Earloop closures feature two elastic loops on either end of the face mask. You place the mask over your nose and mouth and then secure a loop over each ear to keep it in place. These types of masks are easy to put on but may shift around more than other options.
  • Headband closures feature a single piece of elastic that stretches from one end of the mask to the other. You slip the elastic band over the back of your head to hold the face mask in place. These types of masks are extremely easy to put on and don’t move around much when you’re wearing them.
  • Tie closures feature one to two ties on each end of the face mask. You tie the ends together at the back of your head to secure the mask in place. These masks are the most difficult type to put on, but they tend to stay in place during use.

As the U.S. continues to experience surges in coronavirus cases, many nations are responding by enforcing state-wide mask mandates. quite half the country now requires all residents — including kids — to wear a mask publicly spaces where social distancing isn't possible, including while exercising outdoors. Since April, the CDC has recommended people wear face coverings publicly — including homemade cloth face mask. The CDC has advised wearing a cloth face covering for those call at public spaces, like grocery stores and pharmacies, where it might be hard to properly socially distance. Stores like Walmart, CVS and Whole Foods also now require customers to wear masks at locations nationwide, as we mentioned above, and lots of municipalities and state governments also are mandating the utilization of face masks. But legal requirements aren’t the sole reason to don a mask While the CDC recommends wearing a mask . Quality in use, disposable face mask, or also referred to as surgical masks are a standard feature in healthcare environments. Designed to stay the medical professionals safe from disease-causing elements, these masks became hugely popular during the Corona pandemic world, not just becoming a must have for healthcare professionals but also becoming routine care equipment of individual users also .
COVID-19 left us in need of masks on a scale like never before. Cloth face coverings were the creative and economical solution for several . Being washable and reusable, they permit community members an inexpensive and convenient thanks to mask up. Let’s face it; they’re far more fashionable too! So, how do these cloth masks compare to others?

In theory, any mask worn correctly is best than no mask. In covering the mouth and therefore the nose, it prevents, to some extent, the exchange of respiratory droplets. However, the extent of prevention largely depends on the sort of mask. it's important to first differentiate between a non-surgical mask and a surgical mask. Surgical masks are tested to satisfy certain standards and approved for clinical use.

It is important to note that not all cloth masks are created equal. If you are using a cloth mask, consider the fabric, number of layers, and fit. The most effective cloth mask will have a fabric with a tight weave, multiple layers, and one that cups tightly around the face. This will most securely block your respiratory droplets from contaminating other individuals and surfaces.

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