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Earned: Challenge Gems are awarded for completion of a Daily Challenge.
Spent: Challenge Gems can only be wont to purchase items from the Challenge Store. Gems cannot be traded to other players.


The gaming industry is rapidly changing and today games don’t just look different from their predecessors from ten years ago, they are also monetized differently. p2gamer shops around town have started to shut down and games are now purchased online. Game developers are choosing to give their games away for free and instead charge for what is known as expansions or in-game currency.

An expansion pack is an addition or upgrade to your game. For mobile games that often entails paying to stop seeing ads in your game, and for computer or video games it involves new content. For example, a loyal The Sims player might choose to buy an expansion pack that includes new furniture or themes. Expansion packs often cost less than a full game, but the user needs the full game to access them.

It doesn’t take a genius to ascertain that game apps completely dominate the mobile app market. As a result, game app developers are constantly trying to make the foremost addictive game to draw in and retrain users so as to maximise profit. A virtual currency is how game developers are achieving that goal.

The idea behind a virtual currency is that users can purchase items, cosmetics, or upgrades through microtransactions. There are two main sorts of in-game currency: “soft” and “hard”. “Soft currency” is currency that players earn through gameplay and “hard currency” can only be purchased with real money.

Some of the most popular games in the world such as Maplestory, League of Legends, and EVE online, employ some use of a virtual currency.
P2Gamer is that the Gaming Freelancers online platform for players of massively multiplayer online (MMO) games to shop for , sell, and trade game currency, account, item and list their custom job to other players.
P2Gamer doesn't directly aggregate or sell game assets. Rather, P2Gamer allows third-party sellers to list items ( click here​ ) purchasable . Sellers can then choose to conduct the transaction directly through the Buyer without any fees or include P2Gamer as a third party to secure the payment and assets in an escrow until delivery has been verified by the customer , at which point the buyer's funds are released to the vendor . Using this system, which P2Gamer refers to as "Middleman," neither buyer nor seller shares personal information, and transactions are guaranteed. P2Gamer reduces the potential risk of fraud by collecting, holding and disbursing funds.

learn more about game currency models when it involves video games.

Some games prefer to haven't any in-game currency in the least . Players use real money to buy provided by the game. A good example would be Dota 2. Dota 2 is a free-to-play game with an online shop that sells mainly cosmetics. Valve, the corporate that owns Dota 2, encourages sales through discounts and bundles.

Most games have just one in-game currency. Players can either work to realize it or trade real money for it.

The most successful monetizing games today employ multiple currencies. In fact, this strategy is used by the top three grossing apps in the App store. These games feature a “soft” currency and a “hard” currency which will only be purchased. Many popular mobile games today even have around four currencies. More currencies create a more complex economy which encourages more spending.

Developers must constantly remember of avoiding inflation and devaluing the in-game currency. A devaluation of the in-game currency results in frustrated users leaving the sport and as a result, much lower profit.

Virtual currency may be a powerful tool for mobile game apps to form an outsized profit Find it now . Contact us to find out the way to utilize virtual currency to earn more profit!
Currency Types

Coins - the base currency

Earned: Coins are typically earned when completing quests, games, activities, etc. A player can also earn coins by selling items to stores/other players.
Spent: Coins are used in the least of the normal stores in Adventure Academy. (Marketplace/Academy Shops) Coins can also be required to interact in some activities, like the Wishing well or purchasing a Club.
Challenge Gems

Earned: Challenge Gems are awarded for completion of a Daily Challenge.
Spent: Challenge Gems can only be wont to purchase items from the Challenge Store. Gems cannot be traded to other players.
Honor Credits

Earned: The player will receive an Honor Credits at level 30 and every level after.
Spent: Honor Credits can only be spent on items at the Honor Society store. Honor Credit cannot be traded to other players.

Earned: Tickets are earned by playing the mini-games along the Pier boardwalk.
Spent: Tickets could also be wont to purchase prizes from the prize booth.

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