They've also apparently removed a feature where animals would

They've also apparently removed a feature where animals would


I was about 11 or so. I purchased a Change for New Horizons (especially the NH special/limited edition), so hopefully my input will be Animal Crossing New Horizons Items valuable.

I like New Horizons, however, the issue that lots of players have is the continuing issue that the animal personalities are a lot more bland than the old games. Should you watch footage in the Gamecube version, you'll observe that animals were more"spicy" with regard to how they talked to you. Oftentimes, they were really quite impolite - alerting you if you refused to assist them/do something for them. Now, this was down when Wild World premiered, but animals weren't overly friendly like they're in New Leaf/New Horizons.

I believe the island development resources in New Horizons are great, but my main reason for playing the sport would be to befriend my animals. There's no challenge to it because everyone is actually friendly off-the-bat, even the personalities such as cranky/snooty (where they are intended to be more stand-offish with you initially ). It also feels like there's a lot of repetitious dialogue in NH, where this wasn't true in the old games (not including City Folk or New Leaf).

They've also apparently removed a feature where animals would see your home at a particular moment. It was a nice method for gamers who don't have the capacity to go online to have visitors look at their home. There was also a consequence not turning up on time: it'd produce the animal angry and your friendship could take a small hit.

I really enjoy the crafting system, however I know that some folks really don't like it. I think the biggest complaint I have seen is that gold tools have dropped their prestige because they are no longer unbreakable like from the last games. That is pretty much what made them special, so it sounds a little pointless to manage them, given that gold nuggets are a rarer resource.

I believe a good deal of dislike with the buy Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells crafting system isn't the crafting itself but more like the lack of QOL stuff within it.

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