What Did Runescape Players Do if They Started

What did RuneScape Gold players do if they started to reach these echelons?



What did RuneScape Gold  players do if they started to reach these echelons? And when they found their mid to high level main account was actually terrible for Pvp a pure was made by them. Maybe pures, for combat level ranges and different styles. Possibly all financed by their primary. For a lot of people, end game material only supported their pures and other alt accounts.

"AltScape" gets used pejoratively these days, because they are frequently used to only do dailies, farm TH/oddments, circumvent GE limits, etc.. But I think the incidence of alts was a testament to just how many distinct ways there were to play RuneScape game. I mean folks used to conduct essence for as little as 1-2k per trip, sometimes at the air altar.

I guess I am starting to drift off to other tangential issues... but what I am essentially saying is:"EfficiencyScape" is now the most popular kind of play. Why has it become popular? That's kind of the incorrect question. The real question is"Why was not it popular " And the answer is: Because training was a mill, and there wasn't to unlock at higher levels, meaningful content. Folks didn't care about being efficient, and messed, when this was the case. Now that RuneScape game is efficient enough for the average person having a job/school to max and there is incentive (high-level content) for maxing, folks do it.

I really don't have a solution. We can not return and remove content. Old School Runescape Gold    game has evolved into something different. Into a game. It wasn't beatable before, except for a few people who had no need to eat, sleep, or have work. But now it's beatable for just about anyone. And people are currently beating it. I attribute the beersz, if that didn't make a little bit of sense.


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