Madden 21 auction house detailed tutorial

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In Madden 21 Ultimate Team mode, players can bid, sell and buy in the auction house to get the player cards or items they want. Many people use it to improve the overall strength of the team or to get many MUT 21 Coins. But some players still don’t know how it works. So in order to facilitate the understanding of this part of the players, this article will focus on the Madden 21 auction house.

First, players must be in Ultimate Team mode to enter the auction house. They can set the price and detailed information of the items they want to sell and wait for others to bid, or they can use some specific requirements as filtering criteria to quickly find their own goals. Price fluctuations are common. Therefore, in order to obtain the greatest degree of convenience, players try to change their conditions according to real-time market dynamics.

Two drop-down menus will appear in the upper right part of the screen, which is above the item list. The first one provides the ability to sort by various options, including real-time prices and the remaining time to complete the transaction, an alphabetical list of items from A to Z, and final pricing. Another drop-down menu allows players to search in ascending or descending order according to their needs. Normally, players will directly enter the name of the target item in the search box to see if anyone is selling or auctioning it.

Or players can also find the target item according to other filtering criteria. For example, starting from the type, the player cards being sold have QB, HB and CB points. Starting from the player card rating, players can choose the player card they want based on different ratings. Starting from the pricing aspect, they can get the player card that is the most cost-effective for players and the most suitable for the team configuration according to their economic strength.

When they have determined the ultimate target to operate, they can click the buy or sell or auction button on the screen to start the operation. Please remember that the prices of the items are in Madden Coins. After clicking any one, a dialog box will pop up. When they make sure they have enough Madden 21 Coins, then select Yes to confirm. Players who lack MUT 21 Coins can go to GameMS to Buy MUT Coins, which is also very affordable.

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